And so it begins.

The weather has been gloriously ( if unseasonably at times) warm for early March and it would seem that spring is truly happening. The tulip magnolia in the front yard burst into full bloom this week, beginning what I lovingly refer to as “the big pink tree on the corner blooming” season.

In honor of this event, we had our first official outdoor happy hour Friday. We began with the across-the-street twins and their Mom Rachel,  their Dad Brian joining in when he got home from work.  As the sun faded, we started a fire in the firepit, with Brad and his wife Amy joining us to celebrate Pat & Brad’s successful resolution of their battle with Dominion Power over the proposed coal ash ponds.  Brian (of the chickens Brian) was dogsitting and cruised through with his four legged pal Cody on a walk. The boys across the street came out yelling for Edie and I apologized to the lot of them for yelling at their friends I didn’t recognize earlier in the afternoon because I thought they were stealing balls from the yard, while totally disappointing them that I was not in fact, my daughter. (We have similar voices and both on the phone and over the hedge, we are confused for each other).  Tina and her girl Ariana breezed through on a walk around the block, popping in to say hello and refill sippy cups. Pizza was ordered, the twins went home to bed, I ran out to pick up Edie and her friend from their Friday night fun.  Brian (of the twins) came back over after bedtime to take me up on that promised bourbon-pickled cherry cocktail I’m fond of (and he agreed, is good), Brad and Amy wandered home,  Brian (of the chickens) and Cody cruised back through again and we proceeded to wile away the evening under the blooming tulip magnolia with a lovely little fire burning in the firepit.

And so begins the season where neighbors of all species and sizes regularly cut through the yard to say hello or join us for a beverage or stop to chat about the garden or hollar at us over the hedge as they go by. Ours is a social corner and the blooming of the big pink tulip magnolia, which can be seen for a block or so in every direction, is the beacon that announces the social season has begun.


It’s really sort of a glorious thing.

2 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. melissawest says:

    Isn’t it grand to get back in the yard and back around people? I love the socialness of walking in fine weather.

    • Becky says:

      It’s so lovely to be able to sit outside again! Being able to use the front yard extension of the living room is lovely after being cooped up!

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