A spare hanky.

Five Photos, Five Stories, #4

IMG_2191 (1024x683)

A minivan slowed down as I rounded the corner to  our front gate.  A window opened and a little girl was waving something at me.

“It’s from Venable” her mother said from the driver’s seat, as I realized who and what it was.  A spare vintage handkerchief I whipped out of my purse and handed to the mom friend next to me during our children’s fourth grade ‘moving up’ ceremony  as we collectively became a bit misty eyed over our children’s departure from the sweet elementary school they had attended for the previous five years. A school they had left 3 years ago now – how had it been that long?  It didn’t seem like that long ago they were in kindergarten, telling us how they thought we should befriend each other because it seemed to them we’d get along.  They were right of course, and we’ve been friends ever since.

A voice from the back seat inquired when our next sewing night was – which reminded us it had been way, way too long since we got together to knit which really was just an excuse to drink wine. We used to have a regular night, but then trying to keep up with kids and husbands and jobs and life made it harder to pull off and it sort of fell by the wayside, although thanks in part to those former kindergartners turned eighth graders(!), we still manage to keep tabs on each other, if not occasionally run into each other.  So we set a date and for the first time in a week, I felt okay about the fact that I had failed to line up summer activities for my child, because this particular mom friend hadn’t either and frankly, she was looking forward to the open slated-ness of the season, which I kind of admit, so am I.  I realize this is probably what our kids saw that made them realize we should be friends and why they remind us to hang out.

And while this is not at all why I happen to carry spare hankies – always vintage ones of course – it is awfully nice to know that these sort of quirks of mine are readily accepted, just like I completely understood it took a little while to come back to me.  Sometimes life gets in the way, but like raising kids, sometimes these things are just moments in time.

12 thoughts on “A spare hanky.

  1. Mrs_AimeeC says:

    oh, that is adorable. This makes me want to be a grown up and carry a purse and spare vintage hankies!

  2. melissawest says:

    Sweet hankie. And aren’t those kinds of friends just a blessing in life? When I see that familiar face, it’s like a holiday.

  3. pattisj says:

    I miss those special hankies. I may still have a few tucked away somewhere. Enjoyed reading this. Time passes so quickly.

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