The back roads of summer.

Five Photos, Five Stories, #3

IMG_8792 (1024x683)

Whenever the opportunity to drive a back road presents itself, I take it.  I have a habit of snapping shots like this while driving – it’s far more challenging with my DSLR than with my point and shoot.  The p&s I can pop out the open sunroof and be confident I will get a decent shot if I just keep shooting, but even if I put all my settings to automatic with the big fancy camera, I sometimes have to stop what I’m doing and shoot.  Thankfully, when you have a habit of photographing roads like this, they lend themselves to you stopping in the middle of nowhere to do just that.  I took this on my way to one of my favorite strawberry patches last spring – sometimes just getting there and back is the reason I go.  There’s just something soothing about driving down roads like this one.

Suzicate at The Water Witch’s Daughter invited me to play Five Photos, Five Stories. I invite Patience at Fatuous Observations to participate.  If you wish to play the rules are that you post a picture a day with a story, fiction or non-fiction, or a poem and nominate one fellow blogger a day to participate.


4 thoughts on “The back roads of summer.

  1. melissawest says:

    You do live in a place where I bet the off-the-beaten-track roads are charming and wonderful to follow.

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