Out and about.

Last week was a busy one here – there was a four day holiday weekend, which led to us lapsing at least just a little bit back into that lovely lazy Christmas holiday swing.  It was also birthday week here – Edie on Monday, Pat on Wednesday – so it really was like Christmas all over again with lots of celebrations, fantastic meals and desserts galore. This time around though, we went out for at least some of our celebrations.

IMG_1188With Edie at a sleepover last Saturday night, Pat and I headed out on the town – we realized we couldn’t remember the last time we had been out together – we think it may have been last summer when she was at camp, so clearly, we were overdue.  We started off at The Alley Light for drinks. I really like that place – I hear the food is fabulous, but I’ve only ever had drinks there.  I always go with the Dealer’s Choice simply because I adore that it’s on the menu. I like saying ‘please make me something with bourbon’ and voila, they do. The service was top notch, with Micah coming out from behind the bar to wait on us in the standing room only crowd in our spot along the wall counter.  He made me a “Dead Rosetti” inspired by a character from Boardwalk Empire.  Bourbon, Campari, cranberry, lemon, I can’t remember what else, bitters I think – it was simply lovely. We also hit up the newly revamped South Street that evening – the beers were good, although I couldn’t help but notice they had dropped the alcohol content of the Absolution Ale significantly. The service was so-so, the food about the same and as the evening wore on, the crowd got incredibly young.  I realize the late Saturday nights I had there on a regular occasion were over a decade ago, but I don’t recall so many students hanging out there back then.  Is it part of the revamping or am I just that old? I’m also not a fan of the new color scheme – I preferred the warmer colors that used to be there over the very stark white. I can report that the Satan’s Pony is still highly drinkable though, so there’s that.

We also used the long weekend to go check out Lampo one day for lunch.  Both Pat & Edie wanted to go there for their birthdays and considering how long we’ve listened to Ian talk about it, you’d think we’d have been sooner.  (We were averse to waiting in line with at least some of us thinking we shouldn’t have to because we just so happen to know the fellows involved, but then, so does half of Charlottesville.  At least some of us thought the fact that we walk their dog and Andrew used to keep an eye on Ediegirl (feeding her all sorts of delightful treats so that I hold him at least partially responsible for her little foodie palate) when I would bring her into enoteca with me on a Friday when Pat was running late and I had to be there for work, should at least allow us to leapfrog, but in the end, we didn’t have to wait in line, so we can save that card for another day.)  We had the margherita and prosciutto pizzas, which were wonderful (I’m still thinking about that prosciutto pizza with the arugula and lemon) with the crust being delicate and airy.

And no, I have no pictures of anything other than my lovely cocktail from Alley Light because my family refuses to allow me to be that person who photographs all their food and drinks in public. If you live in Charlottesville, you’ll just have to go check out those places for yourself. And if you don’t live here, then you should come visit and we’ll go visit them together.

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