Out and about.

Last week was a busy one here – there was a four day holiday weekend, which led to us lapsing at least just a little bit back into that lovely lazy Christmas holiday swing.  It was also birthday week here – Edie on Monday, Pat on Wednesday – so it really was like Christmas all over again with lots of celebrations, fantastic meals and desserts galore. This time around though, we went out for at least some of our celebrations.

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About that cabinet.

This blog post is dedicated to Abigail, who suggested it.

In my small kitchen with limited storage, where every single item save my cherry pitter have multiple uses, I have an entire half cabinet devoted to Koozie storage.  Yes, Koozies, those wonderful little insulators that keep your canned or bottled beverage cold.  I did not set out nor intend to have so much of my precious kitchen space devoted to these items, but like other things in life, sometimes that’s just how it goes. Continue reading