A walk in a country field.

I went for a walk with Betty out in the country the other morning.  She has a new puppy, Noodle that she thought I could practice taking photos of with my new camera.

It was a glorious morning out there, with some stunning scenery.

Hay bales in fields with the Blue Ridge in the background are quite possibly one of my favorite landscapes to capture, topped only by those that include water.  Or a wedding.

I never cease to be amazed at the loveliness of a late fall landscape.  Stripped of all it’s lush greenness, the lines of the land around you begin to pop, showing you the structure.

There was a pair of blue birds fluttering about one corner of the field that were hard to capture.  I couldn’t get close nor did I have the right lens to zoom in on them to grab the shot I would have liked to have had. These photos of them turned out better than I expected although not as good as I would have liked.  That’s the thing I’ve noticed about this photography habit of mine – there’s always a shot I envision that I can’t quite get that requires even more equipment, generally more expensive than the last.  You can cook good stuff with minimal equipment, you can sew a nice skirt with a basic machine, but with photography, it really is all about the quality of your toys.

9 thoughts on “A walk in a country field.

    • Becky says:

      I think I’m getting to the age where instead of feeling a tug every time I see a baby, I get that same tug when I see a puppy. We may just have to get ourselves one, one of these days.

      • The Zero-Waste Chef says:

        I’m the same way! Just yesterday, I saw what I worried was a stray dog wandering around on my street. He was so friendly and cute, I fell in love with him. I took pictures and emailed them out to the neighborhood and was glad to find out he does live on the street, but I would have liked to have taken him in. I’m going to have to get a little dog eventually 🙂

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