spring 1217 spring 1210spring 1198The front yard is currently covered with violets and petals from the tulip magnolia tree as well as the cherry tree from next door.  The torch of being the big pink tree in bloom on the corner is in the process of being passed from the magnolia to the dogwood.  Last night there was one purple tulip that had popped up, this morning, there are 8.  The yard is different from one day to the next, from morning to evening.  I have resumed my evening cocktail hour strolls, looking at what’s popping up, making notes of what needs to be moved, what needs to be cut back, pulling weeds.  We slept with the windows open this weekend, waking up to the sweet sounds of birds.  Cardinals have nested in the rhododendron. The blueberry bushes are looking like it’s going to be fantastic year for blueberries.  Outdoor happy hours are back, as are neighbors wandering over with a bottle of wine in hand to join in.  I love having neighbors who think they need to share a bottle of good wine with me.  It is a charmed life indeed.

Festive was the theme of the weekend. The Dogwood Festival Fireworks were Friday night -always a treat to be able to watch them from the comfort of our yard.  Saturday morning, we rolled out of bed to cheer the VIA 5k runners as they ran past our house. Edie & I spent the Saturday afternoon down at the Lee Park, taking in the Tom Tom Founders Festival and the Craft Cville Show.  We helped man the Wünderbars booth and just generally enjoyed a fantastic afternoon in the park.  I think I ran into half my local Facebook friends that I only ever see online. Whoever decided that beer should be served in the park on a beautifully sunny spring day should be commended. Sunday, after dropping Edie & pals off to help out with filming the Kickstarter video for Books on Bikes, I spent some time at The Belmont Bash (more Tom Tom Festival) with my friend Stephanie on behalf of Cville Swaps.  Turns out our table was next to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation table, which was being manned by Ms. Morris, the former Venable librarian (and Edie’s third grade reading teacher) who was volunteering for them.  I probably ended up talking to more people at the CBF table than I did my own.  Old habits die hard I suppose.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve manned a table at an event for them over the years Pat worked for them.  I think I need to a weekend to recover from my weekend.

linebackersOh, and this happened Friday.  It was career day at school.  Edie decided to dress up as a football player & borrowed gear from Will across the street, who also dressed up as football player.  Overheard exchange between Will’s sister Li & Edie as Edie was borrowing said gear was priceless.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because I’m a feminist.”

That’s my girl.

4 thoughts on “Fun.

    • Becky says:

      I hear there’s a chance if frost this week. Of course I just brought all the plants out. But it’s not snowing here! I was sort of surprised at how everyone- even the kids- answered the question “how are you” this weekend with a reference to snow, or the lack thereof. I think that last snowstorm pushed us collectively over the edge.

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