Living in her Pinterest world.

It was Spring Break of first grade where Edie discovered that Martha Stewart was a real person and had her own TV show.  Somehow, despite having piles of Martha’s books and magazines stacked all over the house, I had neglected to expose my daughter to all that the lifestyle maven had to offer.  This is what happens when I let my child watch television unsupervised.  (She discovered Julia Child this way too.) Edie was instantly hooked.  Here was someone that understood her.  Next thing I knew, she had handed me a materials list because with Easter coming that week, she was going to dye her eggs Martha style.

2914_1127489071781_2809453_nShe made herself an egg drying rack out of foam core and straight pins.  I cut the foam core from some old display boards from my office at the time and she did the rest, all by her 7 year old crafty self.

Fast forward a few years and a name pops up in my pinterest notifications that seems vaguely familiar.  I walked out to the front yard where she was sitting with her father and asked if she was on pinterest now.  How did I know?   When I mentioned I had gotten notifications with the pinner’s name, her father started listening in and instead of talking about how she should talk to us before joining social media sites, we had a family talk about co-opting her parents’ fake names.   (Her argument that the only way for her to see all the pins I had on the board I created for her was to actually be on pinterest was tight enough that no one saw any need to discuss that topic further.)

Of course she loves pinterest.  Her thoughtful self has reciprocated the favor of my having a board for her by creating a ‘mom’ board.  She’s also created a ‘drinks’ board so that she can make beverages for her parents – they are not all cocktails I can proudly say.  She has been known to barter for internet time on my computer by offering to help research whatever project it is I’m currently working on – I should have put her on pinterest ages ago.

However, like watching Martha Stewart meant we had to do those things Martha did, she simply does not just ‘pin‘.  Oh no, we must do these projects.   Thankfully, her father often gets roped into her expeditions to get the supplies we are lacking for whatever the latest project is because when that child gets on her kick to try something out, well it just has to happen right away.  And if Mommy is busy, then she just goes upstairs and hangs out talking to  Daddy and next thing you know, they are off to Kmart or Kroger or wherever it is she must go for supplies.  When we re-arranged her room, she had ideas based on you know it – pinterest.

DSCN4220Which is why I currently have candy corn painted toenails, because she had to try them on someone else first.

It’s her pinterest world.  I just happen to live in it.

8 thoughts on “Living in her Pinterest world.

  1. WRD says:

    My GF has a “Pintering” addiction. and, unfortunately it is my belief that I have been caught up in the gravitational pull of the Pinterest Vortex, as it was recommend to me just last night that I should set up an account. Help me Jesus!

    • Becky says:

      Just say no. I ‘pin’ recipes, but I am sort of lukewarm about the ‘recipes’ I see on there. I’ll see if I can’t get Edie to do a board of recipes for you that your GF can pull up.

  2. meridith says:

    Those are some awesome toes. I pretty much love your child and I really really hope that when she gets a few years older she’ll be into babysitting. She can use the money to fund her pinterest habit.

    • Becky says:

      Having done some mother’s helper gigs at the pool this summer (which she says was actually babysitting, not mother’s helper gigs), she certainly has a taste for the cash flow it brings. I have no doubt she will pass down to RR some of the things her babysitters taught her over the years – like a love of playing with nail polish.

  3. Cassi says:

    God help me if Emma ever gets into Pinterest, because she would totally be like Edie and have to actually DO all the things, not just pin them. Nice toenails, BTW –did she paint them for you?

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