Round here.

DSCN4075I went to pick more of the bumper crop of tomatillos the other day and low and behold, look what was peeking out at me.

play 005That was today’s haul.  After months of stripping my plants clean, the squirrels have moved on to eating something else.  I can report that at least one of our squirrels was recently found lifeless in the street – I did not offer my condolences to the rest of his clan, rather I may have been quite giggly about it.

DSCN4056It was a rather unproductive weekend around here.  Our Smiley cousins, in town for a wedding this weekend, used our house as their home base.   While babysitting Friday night, I got to snuggle both those boys to sleep, which I’m still pretty much glowing about.  Sweet baby snuggles AND sweet six year old boy snuggles.  We had a house full Friday, with Ryan coming in to go to a show at The Southern with Pat and everyone bringing their dogs along.  Thankfully, our house magically expanded to make room for three extra kids, three extra grown ups and two dogs.

DSCN4004Walker babe, having just reached his first birthday last week, was the only child who didn’t sneer and yell he wasn’t posing for pictures when the camera came out.  Bless his heart, he’s trying hard to keep up with the other kids.  He is doing his best to talk  – he said “HI Pat” at least once and “Becky” a few times.   I melted.

Saturday evening, with everyone gone to weddings and movies with friends,  Pat & I managed to carve out a few hours alone, which we used to eat BLT’s, watch Auburn Football and I pulled out my knitting.  Living the dream.

Sunday after the Smileys decamped, I ran through the house, gearing up for our next guest.

DSCN4077An old friend of Pat’s was passing through on his way home from a jaunt to DC and stopped to spend the afternoon.  It was an absolutely lovely weekend, but I have to admit that after hitting the gym this morning, I came home and took a nap.  I’m pretty sure I could have slept a few more hours, but I needed to gear up for my week.  The next few days have me scheduled to be in several places at once with back to back activities.  Good stuff.  I’m making a pot of marinara for the week – I had thought about making a batch to can, but just didn’t have the energy to do that AND plan ahead for at least 3 dinners this week that I don’t have time to cook.

DSCN4069In other news, I’ve successfully recruited myself a PTO board – both a Treasurer and a Secretary.  Both Pat & Edie pointed out I merely tapped two of my favorite drinking buddies with children at the same school as my own to help me out.  I may have used wine in my recruiting.  It will definitely be served at our first board meeting this evening.  Got to kick things off right, you know?

5 thoughts on “Round here.

  1. meridith says:

    Are they actually Smiley’s or just happy folk? I’m related to some Smileys myself. Also, tomatillos! I had no idea they would grow here. Definitely on the list for next summer.

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