DSCN2307I’m taking a wee break from watching paint dry (as I type this, the dining room ceiling is DONE and the first coat of Parakeet Green on the lower half of the walls is drying) to say hello out there.    We have thoroughly immersed ourselves in summer here, with sleeping in, long days at the pool and late dinners at the picnic table.   The garden has suddenly gone gangbusters, which has not gone unnoticed by the squirrels, who are knocking on the back door looking for handouts again.   Bugs helped themselves to an entire row of kale,  much to my horror and Edie’s delight.  (Apparently I’ve been serving a few too many greens lately).   Saturday I swapped some of my strawberry jam for things like Stephanie’s Green Bean Relish and Hunter’s Lemon, Onion & Oregano Jam.   Those treats will be served up for dinner one night soon along with bread & cheese.  I love summer dinner.  I love summer.  Those lazy days where sometimes the best thing you can do is just hit the pool with a good book in hand and a bag full of treats to nibble on all day long……

We are definitely soaking it up.

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