Scenes from a weekend.

Hot air balloons overhead, market, soccer, the Fiber Festival and Sheepdog trials (where I left the camera with Edie, only to find yet more photos of her toes), an unwilling photo subject,  inspiration for new projects,  a fermenting class at the cooking school, visit with grandparents and a grown up field trip on a dreary Monday to one of the nearby wineries.
Not pictured – new orange yarn that’s already being knit up into a yummy scarf, a home run on a homemade pizza crust, a sublime batch of sourdough bread served with the last of the bacon jam & melon jam, and confirmation that the okra pickles need a few more weeks before they are prime for eating.

3 thoughts on “Scenes from a weekend.

  1. vikki says:

    starter, lady! starter! if i could make my own sourdough bread, dear god, i'd never have to go to the store again. well, i guess for flour.

    those balloons are nuts, right? i see them everywhere now and i think one day they're going to make me crash my car.

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