Sunday Funday.

 Despite the fact that the annual Dogwood Festival Carnival has been going on for over two weeks within walking distance of our house, we’ve yet to take advantage of it.  Sunday was the last day of the carnival, it was armband day (meaning for a flat rate the kids could ride all the rides to their heart’s content all day long), the weather was cooperating and we finally had to time to head over there.

Edie went with her bff Sophia.  Sophia’s sister and her bff tagged along as well.  The four girls walked arm in arm, chatting about very important things the whole way over.
As soon as I got the girls their armbands, I made a bee line for the funnel cake stand.  I love funnel cake.  I have been known to walk over to the Dogwood Carnival JUST to get funnel cake.  So when I saw this sign:

I was absolutely crushed and bitterly disappointed. 
Seriously.  NO FUNNEL CAKE?!?!?!?
At least there were corn dogs.

And Edie made due with a caramel apple, but I felt that was way too healthy.  I know I complained to absolutely everyone I saw.  I complained the entire walk home.  I came home and complained on Facebook about the lack of funnel cake.  I am still bummed about this.
Their fryers were busted.  It had been that way all weekend.  I found this out when I complained to the people working the corn dog stand.  They didn’t understand why it wasn’t fixed either.  I heard plenty of other people walking past the closed funnel cake stand complaining, so I was in good company.
As we walked home and I complained about the lack of funnel cake for the 90th time to my daughter, she thanked me for taking her & her friends anyway.  I assured her, their happy faces as they rode every ride multiple times came very close to making up for the lack of funnel cake. 

Really, they did.

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