Current Happy Things.

  • Yard art from an old neighbor that keeps popping up in new places.  I think among the ferns under the magnolia is the best spot yet.
  • Finding out that she was the one that moved the yard art.  And then took a picture to capture the moment.
  • The chicken statue peeking out from the may apples and lily of the valley bed. 
  • All those foot shots, with the close up on the toes and the pedi she got from Ryan’s Brooke last month. (and clearly, it’s time for a new one.)
  • She’s got my dad’s weird duck toes.
  • Her feet don’t look like little baby feet anymore.  That just happened.
  • Garden Gnome.
  • That I found all these pictures Edie shot on her camera uploaded onto my computer.  They are freaking cool.
  • That she still takes so many pictures of her feet.  They have been well documented since she learned to use my camera at the age of 4.
  • That I am ditching them this weekend to go hang out with my college girlfriends.

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