Progress made.

I have no idea what that plant is, but it was all over my backyard.  And I spent the better part of my weekend digging it out by hand.
 I also ripped out oodles of muscadine plants that were popping up all over the place.  Pat had chopped the original plant down, painted the stump with plant killer and still, that stuff just refused to die.  It’s like the terminator of vines.  In order to get all the plants sitting in various containers around my house into the ground,  I had to clear spots for beds. As I ripped out vines by the root, next thing I knew, I had cleared most of the back yard.  That overflowing galvanized tin is probably a third of what I dug up.
After digging up so many weeds that I couldn’t stop seeing them as I drifted off to sleep, I got the fig in the ground, finally, after all these years.  It looks insanely happy.  All the plants sitting on my kitchen counter, save one, made it into the ground this weekend and that one, a basil plant, is sitting on the back porch as I contemplate putting a tomato in to keep it company.  I know it’s early, but what if I just plop a big Early Girl in somewhere?  Tomatoes in June are a tempting idea. 
Edie’s tiki hut got some landscaping – I moved some very delicate looking wild geraniums to one side and put some Virginia Bluebells on the other.  I am considering moving some ferns and hostas in around it as well.  I have this thin bed by the road along the very back edge of the property that gets sun that I call the ‘by the side of the road garden’.  Every sun-loving non-vegetable plant that is given to me by a friend goes there to live.  There is very little rhyme or reason to that garden, but this weekend with things just popping up, I was able to rip some stuff out (bee balm, which if you want some, come and get it), rearrange things (purple and yellow cone flowers & daisies, also available if you so desire) and otherwise just get a handle on that bed. 
 I wished I had remembered earlier in the weekend where my good gardening gloves were (in the pocket of the overalls I wore to work in last weekend, in the laundry), and also that I had worn them once I did find them, as my hands are shredded.  Pat pointed out that perhaps I just need to invest some newer, nicer ones.  He might have a point.  I’m also investing in band aids and all manner of heavy duty hand salves in the meantime.
We got so much of the back yard ripped out that we are at the point of being able to plant not just little island beds, but ground cover, in big wide chunks. Pat wants clover in lieu of grass, so that it requires little mowing and maintenance. I’m totally on board with that. I also have been envisioning some furniture groupings back there and spent some time driving around the county to all my favorite junk shops in search of metal outdoor furniture. No luck, so if you hear of something, let me know.  I’m thinking a little table & chairs between those hollies would be nice.  By the ferns.  Or a bench there and the table just under a tree outside of that shot. 
About the butterfly bush – I realized that I should have cut the butterfly bush back before I moved it. I also realized I overwatered AND overfertilized it. The only downside of this happening is that it’s not likely to bloom this year, which is good, as that means I didn’t kill it. Yet.
The weather was just insanely beautiful this weekend, we were wide open for the first and last time in quite a while, it was good to get so much done.  I was actually too tired to drink a glass of wine several evenings in a row.  Pat & Brian made some progress on the chicken coop and we set a deadline by which we will have chicks ordered.  Brian wants to see if we can’t find someone to split an assortment from Murray McMurray – either Rainbow or Ornamental Layers.  We’ve put word out about that, but haven’t found anyone yet that I know of. So, if you or someone you know is looking for some chickens this spring, let’s chat.

3 thoughts on “Progress made.

  1. Amy Y. says:

    There is an antique shop in Centreville called Wicker Place. They specialize in vintage rattan and wicker pieces. Her prices are amazingly inexpensive. I almost bought two rattan arm chairs with cushions for $50 or $25 each. Someone beat me to them, but she usually has a great selection. She is on Route 28 if you are in the mood to seek Donna out for your furniture search. Good luck!

  2. SuziCate says:

    Isn't it great to be outside digging in the dirt and watching all the beautiful blooms come to life?
    I killed my butterfly bush a few years ago when I transplanted it…however, I bought another one this year. And I also got a lilac bush – I'm so excited about all the spring blooms!

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