Being Me.

My rhinestone dollar store readers, the ones Edie calls my rock star glasses, had one of the arms snap in half as I was taking them off the other night. 
So I borrowed some of Edie’s tye dye duct tape and taped them back together for the time being.
I am that cheap.
I also didn’t have time to run out and by a new pair that day.
My family is of course, slightly horrified and bothered by the new look. I’m pretty sure they won’t let this last, although we do laugh about it.
Thursday night we met up with some of Pat’s co-workers and other guests (supporters of their organization) at Miller’s before a lecture at the Paramount.  It was my first time meeting some of them.  There was beer, nachos, wings…. 
I grabbed a wing, dipped it in blue cheese, took a bite and realized I had just dripped a huge amount of dressing on myself.  You know how when you try to wipe something off with a paper napkin and it just deteriorates and makes everything worse?  Yeah, that’s what happened here.  Smack dab in the middle of my chest.  Of course I was wearing black.  I spent the rest of the evening trying to politely cover it  – having a drink in my hand worked best. And while I did have a jacket with me, because of the prominent location on myself and the fact that the jacket has no buttons, well, that was no help at all.  Plus it was too warm for a jacket.
I did however, exercise restraint around the nachos. 
After the lecture, Pat’s coworkers, who work at the Richmond office, stopped by as his boss had to pick up the projector for a presentation the next morning and decided to stay to watch the end of VCU game.  I’m pretty open about my lax cleaning skills and my house was definitely not in a presentation for strangers state, especially a group of people I had just met with a glob of blue cheese and paper towel remnants in the middle of my chest.  We were about 2 minutes ahead of them and it’s really amazing how much you can pick up in 2 minutes flat when you know you need to.  It wasn’t until everyone had left however, that I noticed that the downstairs bathroom had absolutely NO linens in it – I had taken up the bath mats and all the towels in there to wash them and hadn’t put any back in.  Sigh.
No towels are better than dirty ones, right?
The lecture was Richard Louv, who wrote “Last Child In The Woods”.  It is hard for me to answer what I thought of his talk – his book, “Last Child” was about connecting kids with nature, although he has a new one out that follows up on idea of Nature Deficit Disorder.  My husband was an environmental educator for 17 years, until he switched jobs last spring, becoming a Riverkeeper, so the idea of connecting kids with nature? That’s our lifestyle.
When I’m not wearing blue cheese and duct taped dollar store readers.  It’s just how we roll.

3 thoughts on “Being Me.

  1. Lesa says:

    All my glasses are dollar store items, some with duct tape repairs. I say they're design projects. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing one pair on top of my head for reading notes or books, while wearing another pair over my eyes for the computer. I'm so stylish!

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