End of the season.

It was bound to happen – the first frost of the year, putting an end to bounty from the garden.  I still have some greens and herbs out there, but the days of fresh basil, peppers, tomatoes are over until next year.  Sigh.
I ran around Friday and harvested.  I filled a garbage bag with basil and Saturday, I made a few batches of pesto and froze it.  I also froze a few bags of tomatillos, picked a bowl of tomatoes and a huge bowl of peppers.  I think most of them will get pickled.

I picked every last flower that was blooming and threw them in a vase.  I meant to go back and ‘arrange’ them, but then realized I really liked them just the way they were.  And I loved how they looked on the coffee table next to my Aunt Anita ‘family’ sculpture.
It was also the end of birthday week.  Edie had a slumber party, which meant we were kid free for a night AND the next morning.  A dear friend suggested we go to dinner and so in the process of tossing about places to go, we found ourselves agreeing to at least begin with a margarita from Continental Divide. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too crowded and we thought about staying for dinner.  But as we toasted my age and I joked that I was now “Two 21 year olds”, I looked around realized that I was easily twice the age of oh, more than half the folks in there.  And suddenly realized that the C&O option sounded way better than Continental Divide.  So, away we went.  We were lucky enough to walk right in and get a cozy table in the bistro.  A bottle of wine was ordered and I had the rare delight of not being involved in the selection!  That right there was a gift.
Having worked at a few variations of wine bars on the downtown mall, as well finding myself writing a monthly wine column, people seem to think I know wine. As a result, I am often consulted about what to drink.  I loved being surprised by a bottle of Haraszthy Zinfandel, that had to be retrieved from the shed.  Apparently that’s where they store wines that are not frequently ordered, which was quite exciting for the staff, as well as myself, I have to admit.  It was a nice, big red to go with the cold evening.  The fellows had the trout, which was about the most perfect fish I’ve had in I don’t know how long….and I had my usual C&O standby of rabbit, also wonderful, in a house made Boudin Blanc.   I also had a glass of the Knight’s Gambit Petit Verdot.  I mention them in my upcoming November wine column, so I couldn’t resist.   For dessert I had the chocolate bread pudding, which is better than I make.  And that’s saying something.  They use brioche, making it incredibly light and dreamy.  A Baileys and coffee was ordered for me and the two paired just wonderfully together.  A fabulous cap for a fabulous evening.
Sunday morning, Pat & I headed out for the last birthday hurrah – brunch at The Villa.  We hadn’t been there in ages and other than a name change (From the Italian Villa), it hasn’t changed much.  It was parents weekend at UVa, so the place was filled with college students and their parents, as well as a few Zombies from the Zombie run that took place in the morning.  It was a lovely finish to a good birthday week.
Next up, candy season.  Happy Halloween!

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