The week that was.

My (not so) baby girl attended her first concert this week, became a fourth grader and thus, top dog in her elementary school, and bonded with one of my dear college girlfriends.

Arcade Fire is her current favorite band and so when we heard they were coming to town, we knew she was going to want to go with us.  I even got her down on the very front row and at one point, Win Butler stood right in front of her and for about 3 words, sang directly to her.  She was in heaven.  What a great first show.  She took notes on how I managed to manuver her down in front and told me when we got home that she’s pretty sure we’ll be able to get her front row for the next few years to come.  That’s my gal.

Clarabelle came into town Thursday for the LOOK3 photo festival, so we spent Thursday and Friday afternoons on the downtown mall with her, taking in some of the events and having a thoroughly lovely visit.  I have this incredible group of women I was friends with in college and over the last 20 years or so we have loosely stayed in touch with each.  I know that I am who I am today in no small part because of them.  They are all strong, beautiful, smart, successful women and I love them, and our ongoing relationship, dearly.  We might not talk all the time, but when one of us talks to another, we bring each other up to speed on everyone.    Edie is getting to this age where she is starting to forge her own relationships with people, and so to see her do this with Clara this week touched me to no end.  Edie even included her in the latest foot self portrait shot.

Clara was more than encouraging about my new business idea.  While we were out hanging around downtown this week, two women sitting next to us at the gelato place struck up a conversation with me.  When they asked what I did for a living, I told them I was starting up a new venture and told them what it was.  They handed me their business cards and told me to contact them when I was a go, as they couldn’t wait to support me.  Which I took as yet another sign from the universe as a “DO THIS”.  So, while I might be quiet about it in this space for the time being, I am working on my master plan and I am feeling this is truly the path I need to explore.

Friday morning was the last day of school, and I helped put together the reception following the fourth grade moving up ceremony.  Hard to believe next year will be my daughter’s last in elementary school.   It really does go fast and I realize more and more how okay I am with stepping off career track to be a mom.  It’s made me a more tolerant, well rounded person, who has moments of patience, (but generally limited to those under the age of 10).  I am definitely looking forward to being a stay at home mom this summer and filling our time with home made popsicles, pool time, and just general lounging.  I’m also stepping up to be an officer for the PTO this year, so I’ll have lots to keep me busy, as if starting up my own business, being a mom and running a girl scout troop wasn’t enough.  Clearly, I like projects.

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