More with the arugula.

I always have arugula growing.  I throw new seeds in the ground every few weeks or so, so I always have fresh, new arugula.  Of course, I also have a tendency to let it bolt and go to seed so that I can have more to plant. 
I pulled out all the arugula that was bolting the other day, washed it and prepped it to be ready to use.  I made that yummy pasta with it the other night, which didn’t really make a dent in what I had.   I made some mini-pizzas for dinner and gave some away and am still left with a solid bag full, which will probably become pesto.
I made a nice white sauce to go on the pizza’s – butter, flour, cream, garlic.  I kept it light on the cheese.  I had muenster, swiss and some parmesan on hand, so that’s what’s on there.  I also chopped some black olives and threw them on top as well.  So good.
I finally found a dough recipe I can whip up in afternoon and have ready to go.  I got it from a friend and it’s out of one her cookbooks, I’m not sure which one.  It’s pretty simple and works well.  This batch was really good – the directions say to let it rise for an hour, but I was working in the yard and it rose for much longer than that.  I also let it go a little bit longer in the kneading process, as I made it in my kitchenaid with the hook and wasn’t really paying attention to how long I left it in there.  Turns out it worked better that way. I love when that happens, don’t you?

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