Mollie’s Awesome Greens.

My friend Mollie makes the best greens I’ve ever had.  They are always cooked just right.  It’s a  gift really.  She experiments in ways that just blow me away, because no way do I think that way.  I really want to cook like Mollie when I grow up.  Especially my greens.
We all went up to Harper’s Ferry this weekend.  No one felt like being in charge, so we didn’t really have a menu for the weekend.  We did bring crock pots and a few ideas though.  Saturday morning, we got up and went to the store.  She found some organic Chard that looked good. So, she grabbed some and brought it home.

 She sauted it up in a pan with some shallot and some apple and omigod, it was amazing.  AMAZING.

The whole dinner turned out pretty well actually.  Will made his mother’s chuck roast in one crock pot, I made a really good batch of beans in another, we baked some potatoes and Mollie made her greens.  I promised her I’d put the baked beans recipe on here (that will be another post), but she said I could share this recipe.  Which, I’d like to point out, she totally made up on the spot.

Mollie’s Swiss Chard
Shallot, chopped
Apple, chopped into bits
3 garlic cloves, minced
Stems, chopped
Cook in (oil) & butter until softened.
Add chopped greens with salt & pepper.  Cover and simmer over low heat until just wilted.

2 thoughts on “Mollie’s Awesome Greens.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Oh those greens sound so amazing! I would never have thought to add an apple into the mix either. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I have been cooking up so many greens lately but so often feel stuck in a rut. Next time I shall try this recipe!

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