Joint Effort.

Edie wanted to make Pat a t-shirt for Christmas.  We bought the shirt, but then ran out of time to get it done, so I suggested we do it for his birthday.  Which she was agreeable to.  Of course, giving us an extra month didn’t mean it got done earlier, because it waited until 4:30 the afternoon of…..
Edie, being my dream child that she is, of course has had the drawing done since the day we brought home the t-shirt.  All I had to do was scan and print.  Ahem.
When I make t-shirts like this, I like to print it onto an iron-on transfer, apply it to muslin and then sew it on.  I think the transfers I had were old, because the first two didn’t iron on correctly and then I was horrified to discover I was out of them.  EEEK!  It was 6:30, night of Pat’s birthday and I had until they got home from soccer practice at about 7:15 to get this finished.  Thankfully, I rememembered I had a few pieces of ‘printable’ fabric on hand and I ran that through the printer and was able to get that to work.  Phew.

 Edie drew the picture herself.  Robots on the dance floor.  It actually turned out better printing directly on the fabric than the ironed-on version.  I’ve read somewhere about ironing freezer paper onto muslin or duck and sending that through the printer and I think I will try that one of these days.  I’m not wild about the quality of the fabric you buy to print on, not to mention it’s a little pricey.  Anyway, another day….

“Kiss me I’m a robot”.
Turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself.  Edie was happy with it and Daddy was happy with it.  And that’s all that matters.

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