Unexpected Chicken.

How’s it going out there? I spent three days this week thinking it was Thursday, with only one of them actually being Thursday. Even the dog is out of sorts and anxious from the lack of routine these days. We’re not making any sort of attempt to homeschool because it’s the end of senior year and to be honest, AP Stats is leap years beyond my skill set.

I heard somewhere that we should be writing all this down, for posterity or whatever. You’d think that as a writer, I’d be all over that, but as it turns out, I really haven’t been able to write anything in depth in recent days. It seems hard to concentrate – it’s all just so overwhelming and upside down/inside out, isn’t it?  

There are some upsides though. Keeping my hands away from my face means for the first time in my life, my nails are not bitten down. They deserve a manicure. The tulip magnolia is gloriously in bloom, so I’m still able to sit in the front yard and have a socially distant afternoon happy hour with Betty, while the neighborhood walks by, giving a sense of normalcy to life, even if the topics of conversation are anything but normal. My normal busy frenzy has slowed down to a relatively calm hum, outside of the collective existential crisis we find ourselves in. At least we’re not alone in it, right? AND, while I haven’t gone full in on cleaning the house, I did clean, inventory and organize the freezers this week after I went rooting around for some sandwich buns I knew I had only to come up with an unexpected chicken.

Mostly, we’ve given ourselves a lot of space this week. Next week we can institute a schedule and lay out some goals. This week was more about coming to terms with the new reality we find ourselves in. That seemed like enough to deal with in itself.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Chicken.

  1. melissa says:

    We were also lucky to “ease into” this seclusion. Part of it was due to the school schedule. They gently gave the kids 2 days off before 2 days on, then a weekend, then a full week online. Incredibly humane for everyone involved.

    • Becky says:

      The high school classes are still not totally on line, but given that they were forced to pivot so quickly and focused more on ensuring kids who depended on schools got fed, we’re good with it.

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