My four legged friend.

When I first told my family they get could a dog as long as I didn’t have to be involved, I failed to fully think that through. Turns out, Betsy beagle has become my mostly companion which somehow wasn’t a surprise to anyone but myself. We even became those people who bring a dog on a college tour this fall and when I expressed surprise at this, I was generally met with ‘uh-huh’, as if we were the only ones who failed to recognize this about us.

I know. I mean, I have a separate Instagram account for the dog. And we probably would have continued to ignore the back porch falling apart if we hadn’t been worried about her falling through it. And then of course, worried about how construction of the porch was going to throw her for a loop because our sweet, smart, sassy, stubborn little dog who loves to hang out on and under the back porch thrives on routine. Daylight savings takes her weeks to recover from. She doesn’t like change and she definitely doesn’t like chaos.

When Christmas came around this year, I wasn’t quite ready for Edie to not be as involved as she had been in the past with decorating, namely, putting up the tree. These teenage years and getting ready to fly the coop are hard on a mama’s heart, even as we realize, this is how our baby birds need them to be so that they can spread their wings. As I sat there one Saturday in December, shedding a few tears over this, I felt a paw on my knee. It would seem Betsy beagle, while unable to physically help me decorate for Christmas, wanted me to know she was lending moral support.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that when I went to take the tree down, my family all otherwise occupied, I suddenly heard Betsy beagle at the back door, wanting to come in. It was not cold, wet or dark outside, which are all usually the prerequisites for her to voluntarily be in the house. It was like she knew I was taking down the Christmas tree by myself and once again, she wanted to offer her moral support. And so, Betsy came and plopped herself down in the center of the chaos, occasionally getting up so I could give her some ear scratches, letting me know she was there.

I must admit, I didn’t really do the research on what I was getting into with bringing Betsy beagle home with us. I don’t say that as a regret – I think jumping into it was the better way to go about it actually. I would have never expected her to be the only member of my family to help take down the Christmas tree this year, but here we are. She may have started out as the dog I wasn’t bringing home, but she ended up being the dog I didn’t know I needed.

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