Quality Mother Daughter Time.

My girl finished up her first sewing project over the weekend.

I’ve never tried pushing sewing on her – knowing she’s very particular about her clothes, I thought that it would eventually appeal to her, but I also knew it needed to be her idea. I’ve offered a few times to send her to a class, but in the end, she decided she wanted me to teach her. I was more than happy to oblige.

It was the “Wonderland” fabric from Rifle Paper Company that piqued her interest in learning to sew. I was more than delighted when she came and asked if not only would I teach her to sew, but would I teach her to sew an apron? But of course! Aprons are my favorite!And so, I taught her the basics of laying and cutting out a pattern using one of my self-drafted patterns. She chose her own trim (from Sugar Pink Boutique), although she did need some assistance in sewing it on. I assured her, in my thirty-something years of sewing, that was some of the trickiest trim I’ve ever applied, due to the minuscule size of it – the strip in which it attaches to the fabric wasn’t much larger than the pom-poms.



It was a quick and easy first project and she’s quite pleased with the result. For her next project, I want her to do a purchased pattern so that she can learn to read them.

In the meantime, her apron is hanging in the kitchen, where I’m hoping to see it put to good use.


8 thoughts on “Quality Mother Daughter Time.

  1. Sandeep Beep says:

    I love her apron and pompom trim. I’ve just bought some similar fabric and now I think I know what I’ll make with it. You can let your daughter know she’s inspired me 🙂 Well done on her first make!

  2. Thrift at Home says:

    How sweet! That trim is adorable. Good job in being patient and standing ready to assist when she decided she wanted you. I’ve been on the same path with G, but so far, she hasn’t wanted any instruction, formal or mine 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Give it time. My girl is about the same age I was when I learned to sew.
      That trim is darling and I’d use it again in a heartbeat, although I think I’d apply it slightly differently so it would be easier to work with.

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