And so it goes.

We moved into this house 18 years ago last month. To celebrate, our gas range, the one that came with the house, decided to go out with a bit of a bang.

I discovered when attempting to make dinner one night last week that the igniter for the oven had gone bad. Having replaced it once, my better half ordered the necessary part online and set out to replace it last Friday afternoon. This time however, the stove wasn’t having it – as we quickly discovered, the entire electrical panel on our stove had gone haywire, as there were sparks as we attempted to plug it back in.

We made the executive decision there and then to just replace the stove and so set out the next morning in search of a new gas range. While Pat kept asking me about the stove I wanted, I kept telling him what I wanted was a stove that worked, without spending a lot of money.  I would love one like this – but unless it fell off the truck into my kitchen, there’s no way I’d be spending that much money. In the 18 years we’ve been in this house, we haven’t had to replace an appliance since Edie was a baby – those being a washing machine and a microwave.  In an old house with the youngest appliances being 15,  the stove was not at all the first appliance I thought we’d have to replace.

First we checked out the used options, but there was nothing that we were satisfied with. So new it was. The first two stores we went to had nothing in the scratch and dent departments for us, and the first of those stores couldn’t get us anything until the 11th – which was just not an option. The next store had two stoves we could take home that day, but before making a decision, we decided to hit one more store. A friend had told me to check out Best Buy – which I wouldn’t have thought of at all  – and so we swung by, ‘just to see’. I walked back to the appliance section and there, in the scratch and dent area, it was.

I started yelling “I FOUND IT” to my husband – it was, not quite, but close enough, my dream stove, at exactly the price I wanted to spend – 60% off!!!!(and only $40 more than what it would have cost to replace my old basic, rental house kitchen stove with an identical newer model.)

Bringing it home and installing it was quite the adventure as well – turns out the gas line to the kitchen had no shut off, other than the main, which meant switching off all the gas to the house. (Which meant no hot water, not a big deal, except I was frantically trying to do laundry so we could leave for vacation first thing the next morning). A few you tube videos and trips to the hardware store later, we got the stove installed, as well as a new gas line with shut off in the kitchen. While wondering what we were going to do with the old range, which had been carted it out to the side yard for the time being, a guy with a pick up truck stopped and asked if he could have it for parts. Yes please. (That may have been the easiest part of the entire ordeal).

I am ridiculously excited about this stove. So many bells and whistles! The oven settings – convection! bread rising! dehydrate! And the burners all have different functions – there’s the right rear burner that is specifically for low simmering. There’s the right front that’s specifically for quick heating and rapid boiling.  I can’t wait to fire up the canner on that one! It’s been mostly overcast since we arrived home from the lake, so my photos of my glorious new stove stink, but rest assured, the stove itself is quite lovely.

6 thoughts on “And so it goes.

  1. Patience says:

    Awesome! It’s so satisfying to find exactly what you want, and at a great price! I hope this new range serves you long and well.

  2. Jennifer Jo says:

    So, so, so, sososososo jealous! For years, a gas stove has been my dream/goal, but the steep price is such an obstacle. When we DO finally bite the bullet and go shopping, I’ll be checking all the scratch-and-dent sections. You’ve inspired me.

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