Birthday Flair for my girl.

One of the items Edie had on her Christmas handmade wish list was her very own personal ‘flair’. That’s our name for the pennant flag garlands I like to make – ‘flair’. I’ve made them for various holiday events – there’s a Halloween one (pirate skull & crossbones and solid black), a Fourth of July one (made out of a dress I made myself in college from fabric I found that reminded me of the old Love American Style logo) and just a fun little party themed one with florals, more of the pirate skull and crossbones and silver lame.

IMG_3339 (1024x683)

I put off making her one at Christmas knowing she had a fast approaching birthday.  I had grand ideas of including some monograms on the flags, but time got ahead of me, as it inevitably does between New Years and her birthday last week.  I didn’t actually finish it in time for her birthday, but thanks to last weekend’s snow storm, I was able to take advantage of the snow days and get it done.


In progress on the ironing board.

She requested it be sized so that it could hang from the headboard of her bed – I suspect it’s so she can take it to camp with her in the summer. I thought smaller flags would be the right fit here and indeed they were.  All of the fabrics came from the stash and with the exception of the zebra print, were vintage, large scale florals, primarily upholstery fabrics.  The lace was just an extra touch of girly for my very pink girly-girl.

She’s quite pleased with her flair. These little things aren’t very hard – I probably spent more time sorting through fabrics to put together than I did actually putting it together. I like quick little projects like these and need to remember to do more of them.  Because a little flair is always good, yes?

6 thoughts on “Birthday Flair for my girl.

  1. suzicate says:

    Flair is always good. Edie is such a cool girl, love the things she picks she wants as gifts. Gotta’ love a girl who appreciated homemade, or love as I call it. My kids love quilts, and for the longest time anything my oldest envisioned he’d say he knew I could make it. I had to break the news to him one day…I can’t make everything! I do love that he thought I could! Tell Edie I hope her birthday was fabulous!

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