A Saturday Adventure.

The plan was to go pick up some composted manure from a friend’s goat farm for our garden plot. Said farm is out in what we city dwellers refer to as “the sticks” – south of town between Schuyler and Scottsville, a few dirt roads off the main road.

Virginia and I set out about mid-morning in our old pick-up truck. We stopped off at the garden to tidy up and drop off some tools before heading south.

On the farm, Gail pointed us to the pile of the most aged goat manure, set off the road in the tall pine woods. We set to work with our pitchforks, filling the bed of the truck of the black gold.

Truck bed filled, we set off back towards home. By this point, it was well past lunch time and while we shared an apple (okay, maybe not shared, but I did let Virginia have a bite), we discussed the possibility of grabbing some lunch.

batesville store

We got to the crossroads and were going to stop at the store there when we realized we could take a small detour and go to the Batesville Market and since we were just down the street, we rang William and Sally to see if they wanted to meet us. Sally was at work, but William came down and following our lunch, we stopped by the house to see the progress on the kitchen renovation.

While there, we also visited with the ducks, who were wandering about chattering as well as the chickens (Yes, those would be the ducks from which we get eggs).

We took our leave and headed back into town. By this point, it was mid-afternoon and we could definitely sense a change in the weather, as the temperature starting dropping off from the wonderfully mild 50’s of earlier in the afternoon.

We realized the best way to unload the truck was to just pull up behind the fence and while standing in the bed of the truck, toss the manure over the fence into a pile in the corner of the garden (We also realized we probably should have thrown a tarp in the bed of the truck under the manure, but there’s always next time to do that). There may have been grand plans of actually doing something with the manure, but having had so much adventure in obtaining it, we were sort of done for the day. I mean, that’s quite a pile of shit we moved, by hand, twice, not to mention having seen goats, peacocks, ducks, chickens and dogs galore, a kitchen renovation in progress and spent some quality time driving the back roads of the surrounding Virginia countryside.  As we were shoveling out the truck bed, I mentioned to Virginia that I had made a personal promise after unbusying myself last fall that I was going to make more time for my gardens and my girlfriends this year.  To which she replied I managed to do both that day. Indeed. I’m looking forward to many more (although maybe not quite as manure and mud filled).

4 thoughts on “A Saturday Adventure.

    • Becky says:

      I think it’s a gaggle of geese and a flock of ducks, but since there were both, maybe a gaggle is the right word. I have video of their chatter on my phone, but I shot it from far away and have been told to not share it with anyone over the age of three.

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