Off the needles

We are knee deep in the holiday rush here – working the making, baking and celebrating of the season into our regularly scheduled busy. I’ve got a few projects in the works, but nothing I can share in this space for fear of ruining anyone’s surprises come Christmas morning.

IMG_8451 (1024x683)

What I can share is a recently completed project that I’ve already sent to its new home in anticipation of the arrival of its intended recipient, who is expected any time now.IMG_8439 (1024x683)A February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The yarn is from the stash (which means I’m not exactly sure where it came from), a lavender lace weight (I’m awful with knowing which weights yarn are, but this is was a tiny string like yarn, so I’m guessing it’s lace weight), knit in one piece in the round on my preferred tiny little needles. It worked up in no time flat.

I found the sweet koala bear buttons at Les Fabriques – I forgot to include the button holes as I was going along, so I went back and added them after the fact, so while I wasn’t locked into a specific size, it did take a bit of bravery to cut into my stitching.  If I’ve learned anything from reading Elizabeth Zimmerman, it’s that sometimes bravery is required, which is one of those life lessons you can apply all over the place.

Looking at that picture above, I see glaring mistakes, but I know that’s part of the charm of hand knit items, yes?  And besides, baby girl won’t know or care that her sweater might have some wonky spots, all she’ll care about is that she’s warm, while her mom and dad will know that every one of those stitches was made with love.

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