So much for that plan.

IMG_5361 (853x1280)This past Saturday started out without much of a plan besides the current house reorganization Pat and I have been working on.  I slept gloriously, deliciously late (9 am!) and by the time I got up, got caffeinated and motivated,  the morning was definitely slipping by.  I thought twice about heading to the market that morning – Pat’s gone for the week, Edie’s still at camp, so it’s just me, which means I will only need a handful of tomatoes to eat in tomato sandwiches all week (and I just so happen to have them!).  I did have a hankering for some corn though, so I got myself dressed and headed down to the city market.

By the time I got there though, there was no corn left.  Turns out the early bird doesn’t just get the worm, it gets all the fresh corn on the cob too. By the time I had wrapped up my cornless (pardon the pun) search, the vendors were packing up to head home for the day. On my way out, Daniel (aka, the jam god) flagged me down and told me to go back to Holly’s and get myself a bushel of peppers and pickle them.  Turns out Whisper Hill Farm‘s peppers have come in gangbusters.  Figuring I could grab a few to make some more pepper jelly to use up the hot peppers I have coming in down in the other space, I turned around and went back, announcing as I walked back into their booth, “Daniel told me to come get some peppers”.

I had planned to just grab a few – I ended up walking out with a half bushel along with a box of tomatoes that were fading fast.  Just like that, my day with a lack of a plan had turned into a day in serious need of a plan, at the very least a plan as to what to do with all those peppers. As I walked past Daniel on my way out, he smiled and nodded with approval.
“I was going to clean the house this weekend” I shouted at him.

“That can wait until October and you know it” he replied.


So what did I do with all those peppers (and tomatoes?)

Melissa suggested the marinated red pepper recipe from Preserving by the Pint.  I gave it a whirl – there was a jar that didn’t seal, so I gleefully used that as an excuse to test my results.  And it was so good, I proceeded to roast the rest of the peppers and canned all but a few that way.  Only, I went with what I had on hand, so didn’t I follow the recipe exactly.  I subbed part red wine vinegar and part white vinegar for the specified white wine vinegar (I used a 2:1 ratio) and because I didn’t have Aleppo pepper, I subbed a little bit of paprika mixed with a little bit of Chile Cobán Peter and Teresa brought me from Guatemala. The tomatoes became tomato jam – something I thought I’d try this year (I think Mollie suggested it, but I can’t remember) and then a quick double batch of Pizza Sauce (also from Preserving by the Pint). Because you know, it’s August and I need to start stock piling pizza sauce and lots of other jarred goodies that will all be wonderful as pizza toppings (like those peppers and pickled eggplant)so that come October (or January) and it’s time to make dinner, I can just grab a few jars off the shelf so I have time to clean the house. Assuming of course, that nothing comes up to distract me then.

Which I’m pretty sure we all know is exactly what will happen.

8 thoughts on “So much for that plan.

    • Becky says:

      I’ve realized it’s become my go-to for when I have a plethora of produce. In the last week alone, I’ve made the pickled eggplant, pizza sauce (both pantry staples after last year), the marinated peppers and the zucchini butter, both of which are fast on their way to becoming pantry staples. It’s a gem! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Becky says:

      I adore small batch. It’s really the way to go. Marinara has a place – it is really nice to have jars of it on the shelf to grab for a quick dinner. But I hear good things about tomato jam, so we’ll see.

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