They did.

IMG_4557I got a message from my friend Winter last week, asking if I would come take pictures at her wedding.  She was having a small ceremony on the property of the groom’s family and wanted someone who already knew at least part of the family to capture the day.  Despite the fact that I usually have a camera in tow, I was apprehensive.  I mean, I love to take photos, I love documenting moments and while I have a nice camera, I am still very much learning to use it.  What if I did a crappy job?  Winter of course, had complete faith.  And because several of my career directions have occurred at the suggestion of her mother, I went for it.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s that when someone in that family points me in a direction, they are never wrong.  It’s not like I’m totally an amateur – I have after all, been lucky enough to have some of my photos published alongside my words in local publications – but I freely admit to being an idiot savant when it comes to photography.  I can take good pictures, but sometimes it’s by plain old good luck and not any actual knowledge. Winter would not hear that though.  Fine.

The wedding was one of those small, intimate, ‘hey let’s get married next Friday’ affairs.  The setting could not have been more beautiful. You never can go wrong with dirt roads and views of the Blue Ridge in every direction.

The love and joy between Chris & Winter and surrounding them was palpable.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet, as was the low key celebration that followed, in part because that sun was hot and in part because they were slated to leave for their honeymoon immediately following. There was cake, which a friend of Winter’s made that had little birds for the bride, groom, their daughter Ruby Lee and Winter’s son Trae.

There was also a first dance and rounds of pictures with the families and attendants.

I just tried to capture as much of the day as I could.

Congratulations Winter & Chris. Thank you for having me be part of your day.  It was beautiful.

12 thoughts on “They did.

  1. nrhatch says:

    You did a fantastic job capturing a special day in a special place. My faves ~ the 4 girls with bouquets against the blue ridge and the whole family in front of the red truck.

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