Year end thoughts.

I’ve always thought the number thirteen has been given a bum rap.  It’s not that I’m not superstitious – I am.  I’ve been known to walk out into traffic in order to avoid walking under a ladder or anything that resembles a ladder because we all know that’s bad luck – but the number thirteen has proven to be a pretty good thing for me over the years.  I’ve had so many positive things happen on Friday the Thirteenth that I actually look forward to them.

gobbles 004

This time last year, I looked forward to the new year – as all of us do.  I told those closest to me that this was going to be my year, that thirteen was always a little bit lucky for me and a whole year with the number thirteen in it, that had to be good, yes?  Turns out, 2013 was a pretty good year for me.  This whole concept of making a living out of being me, doing what it is I like to do, starting really happening.   I didn’t make buckets of money, but I made money following my passion.    As the year winds down, I’ve enjoyed these quiet, unscheduled days between the holidays, because the number of things I’ve put off until after the holidays?  Well, 2014 is going to be even busier than 2013 if the number of meetings I’m scheduling for the first week of the big yellow angel’s return is any indication.

There are so many of you I’m grateful to for your encouragement, advice, introductions and opportunities you’ve given to me.  I hesitate to name names because I don’t want to leave anyone out, because there are so many of you – but there are some of you I need to take the opportunity to say Thank You.  Like Betty, who has given me years of support & encouragement, but this year has really knocked it out of the park.  There’s Nancy, who not only reminds me to get to the gym, but when I do crazy things like take over the PTO, jumps in to join me, who can almost always be sure to solve whatever problem I have at any time and also understands exactly why a girl has three sets of china.  There’s Jody, who’s kind enough to lend me all sorts of camera equipment, Rebecca for my new camera, Amy & Kath for being sounding boards and cheerleaders, Clarabelle, who for over 20 years now always happens to call at just the right time to tell me exactly which direction to head and has never, ever been wrong.  There are so many others of you, including all of you who read & comment here.  Thank you everyone for the love, support, encouragement, pickle sampling and happy hours.

Happy 2014 everyone.


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