The Holiday Party Weekend.

Between the three of us, we attended 5 holiday parties over the weekend that covered almost every aspect of the holiday.  There were cookie swaps, bad christmas sweaters, wreath making, the Holly Ball and a bowling alley bash to be crammed into one gloriously, festive weekend.

cookbooks 016My friend Kim has hosted an annual wreath trimming party for years.  It’s always a highlight of the season for me, as the only way our front door gets festive is if I make it to that party.  I love spending an afternoon filled with cheer & crafts.cookbooks 026In recent years, she’s added a cookie swap component.  After whining on Facebook last week that I had been invited to no less than three cookie swaps this season, admitting cookies are the weak point in my culinary repertoire, I heeded some of the advice given to me and handed out freshly made pumpkin butter at this swap.cookbooks 009The evening found us down at Kitchen Intern’s annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  With these things being a ‘thing’ now, ugly holiday sweaters now fetch quite a price in thrift shops,  Unable to find one I was willing to pay for, I ceded the one holiday sweater we own to Pat, who quite rocked the pink sequined angel I wore last year.   It took until close to 10 o’clock for someone to approach me on the fact that it appeared my husband was wearing my sweater.  Yep, that’s just how we roll.

Much joy & merriment was had, with our family being the absolute last to leave, after helping to clean the kitchen of course.  We might not know when to leave, but at least we’re helpful about overstaying our welcome.  This makes it okay, yes?cookbooks 030

Sunday morning, Edie decided to heat the oven up for me by making her favorite coffee cake recipe in smaller portions.cookbooks 017

I deemed this her breakfast of champions coffee cake.  Pat’s mom sent me the pan last year for Christmas and this was the first time we’ve used it.  I imagine we’ll be making some National Championship game treats with it as well.

cookbooks 024Sunday evening was the Holly Ball, the culmination of The Jefferson Cotillion.  While my dressed up loves were dancing the night away out at Farmington, I hit up the bowling alley with the crew from l’etoile for our holiday celebration and then over to Amber’s cookie swap.  Amber’s gathering was incredibly low-key and cozy, the perfect cap to a celebratory weekend.

With just over a week to go until the big day, I’ve got a festive wreath on the front door, a big tin of cookies on hand, and CHS Orchestra poinsettas grace the hearth, completing our holiday prep thus far.  We have plans to get the tree this weekend and after wrapping up my shifts at The Happy Cook this week, I’m attempting to get some shoppping done.  I’ve been working there a few hours daily – the theory was I was making a little Christmas cash, only by working there I get a discount and working the cash register I get to see exactly all the gadgets I didn’t know I needed, so it’s actually been a little bit dangerous working there.  My wish list grows daily.  I should have gotten a job working the register at the fishing tackle shop if I was serious about earning Christmas cash & a discount on gifts for the family.  There’s always next year, right?

6 thoughts on “The Holiday Party Weekend.

  1. suzicate says:

    Yay, you party animals! I love cookie swap parties. The hubby and I baked cooked all Sunday afternoon…had our own little party!

  2. melissawest says:

    You are so funny–working at a tackle shop so you don’t spend it–that’s actually a good idea.
    What parties! What fun! Did you bowl well? Or did they bring down the gutter guards for your crew?

    • Becky says:

      I should clarify, so I don’t spend it on myself. Ahem. I did not bowl because I got there late (after getting them out to the ball) and was leaving early. I did throw a few gutter balls just for fun though.

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