Getting funky with it.

I have this fun scarf I knit myself a few years ago that never fails to get compliments.

name 001It’s a mish mash of different yarns, primarily a ball of chenille yarn, but interspersed with leftovers from other projects – some eyelash fringe yarn, some cotton yarn, even some ribbon & hem lace I had lying around.

name 006 Sadly, my lackadaisical style of knitting means the scarf has not necessarily held up incredibly well.

name 003

(Ignore the coffee stains on the ironing board cover)

Repair was necessary if I was going to wear it again.  I quickly came to the idea that rather than try to pick up stitches or knit it back together, a more stable repair was in order.  Something funky.

name 010Which is how I came to sewing scraps of fleece in areas where stitches had come undone to create more stability.

name 014For a satisfyingly funky fix to a satisfyingly funky scarf.

4 thoughts on “Getting funky with it.

    • Becky says:

      My mini fashion adviser gave me a look when I talked about fixing it, but wholeheartedly approved of the fix once she saw it completed. She agreed, it was the perfect fix.

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