Not Camping.

DSCN3472In talking about a little getaway with my husband, I suggested that perhaps we could go camping.  As I pretty much never offer to do this, I thought he’d like the idea.  It’s not that I don’t like camping, it’s just that almost every camping trip we’ve ever gone on has been rained on.  Sometimes spectacularly and memorably so.  Like the time we camped out in a tropical storm on the beach at the Outer Banks.  Or the time we did a three day canoe trip with Smiley & the gang.  Then there was the trip when I was pregnant with Edie were no rain was in the forecast – Allison didn’t even bring her rain gear and as soon as we put in, the bottom of the sky fell out and we got something like 3 inches of rain that weekend.  We had friends with us that were covered in head to toe goretex who pouted the entire time – which considering I was pregnant, cold, uncomfortable and wet the entire time should have been my job. 

So I suggested camping this week.   Turns out Pat had to head up to the Cow Pasture River for the opening of a new boat landing in Sharon, Virginia and he arranged for us to stay in a nearby cabin of one of his River Rats.   It had not dawned on me that having just spent 8 days camping out with the James River Expedition where it had rained almost every day, he might not be up for more camping.

DSCN3397Turned out it was a good move to line up the cabin.  The weather was cold and wet until it was time for us to leave.  Of course.  We spent most of our time sitting on the sweet screened in porch – Pat did some work, I read.  I finished the last book in the Dark Tower series and I found the ending unsatisfactory.  I also read Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries, which I liked quite a bit, re-read Steinbeck’s Cannery Row and started a Wally Lamb book I hadn’t read yet – The Hour I First Believed.  And some knitting got done.  We didn’t spend as much time on the river as we had planned, but sometimes, that’s just the way it goes.

DSCN3531We found some cool rocks and river glass, Pat caught some fish and we enjoyed a little quiet time away together, not in a tent, in the rain.

8 thoughts on “Not Camping.

  1. WRD says:

    You should both consider yourself lucky that you still go camping. I can’t get anyone to go with me, and it would be frowned upon if I just went with my dog (which would be fine with me). As close as I can get is to sit in a tree stand at dawn and dusk. Being detached from our technological tethers is a treat I wish more people respected. Even walking around without a cell phone at the end of the day is something I try to do often. I don’t recall accepting the premise of being “on demand” 24/7. In fact, I reject it. It has put some people off, but I have voice mail and usually respond within 24 hours to everyone. It is great you got to go spend time outside with someone you love. That makes it twice a treasure.

    • Becky says:

      It doesn’t hurt that part of my husband’s job description is to actually get out and spend time in nature, on the water. It does make it conducive to getting out.

      I am with you 110% on the unplugged part and unconnected part. I try to not carry a cell phone as much as possible. Which is most of the time.

  2. suzicate says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Always enjoy getting away and a big plus if I get some quiet reading time as well as one on one with nature.

    • Becky says:

      Pat never ceases to be amazed that I who normally cannot sit still, can sit down with a book and do absolutely nothing else until it’s been read from cover to cover.

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