Did you ever make something so good that not only could you barely believe you made it with your own two hands, but you wanted to shout about from every rooftop and share it with everyone you knew?

I’m having one of those moments.  In fact, I’m sitting here eating it and realized I just could not wait to blog about it.  Which means I also didn’t bother with trying to take pretty pictures. 

But we’ve discussed my photo laziness before.  How I’d be a great food blogger if only I put more effort into my photos.  But I’m an A minus type personality, which means I just fall slightly short of having everything perfect and I’m really okay with that.  The buns looks fabulous, they taste even better and what you need to do is to just make them yourself already.

I stumbled upon this recipe on Pinterest yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it.  Lemon Cheesecake Morning Buns.  If that doesn’t sound like a cure for winter short of flying somewhere tropical, I don’t know what does.  We are certainly ready for winter to be over with here.  I’m itching to dig and feel the dirt between my fingers, Pat’s ready to fish and Edie is just ready to not be in the house with us.

The last time I followed a dough recipe from the internet, it was a fail.  But everything about the recipe for this dough looked like it might work.  And, fingers crossed in the back of my head, if it was a good dough recipe, perhaps it could be my new Christmas morning cinnamon bun dough recipe.  I’m here to tell you, it’s good. And it will be my new Christmas morning cinnamon bun dough recipe.  I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I got that one right on the first try- I love sticky buns as much as the next person, but certain parts of my anatomy were not thrilled to hear we had were going to be sampling recipes for the next year.  The parts that tend to show I’ve been eating sticky buns for breakfast on a regular basis.

A few notes on the recipe – which I mostly followed.  I subbed some spelt flour for white flour and used buttermilk instead of the called for milk with vinegar mix. I also ignored the pan advice, reaching for a cake pan that was not big enough (despite my better half standing there telling me the pan wasn’t big enough) so that I could have that nice round pan of buns.  Not all of them fit in that pan, which meant I baked two pans this morning (there’s a third in the freezer, as I split the batch in half.  I don’t need all those buns lying around and I do love having something I can just pull out of the freezer.) and explains the first picture of the 3 buns in their own pan.  The top of the buns on the upper rack of my oven got a little brown, although they were only there for 25 minutes.  They tasted just fine though (and I’ll see if my dear husband won’t mind recalibrating my oven for me today). 

The dough was absolutely dreamy to roll out.  I can’t remember last time a dough was so easy to work with. The end result is a pastry just as dreamy – light and fluffy with lemony cheesecake filling.  I think these might even be good without the glaze. Something to try with the batch in the freezer for sure.

5 thoughts on “Goodness.

  1. Lesa says:

    Looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to trying it very soon, almost immediately! And I followed your link the original recipe and found that treasure-trove! Whoo-hooo!

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