Weekend Project No. 1

Friday afternoon I broke into my fabric stash – notably the big trunk at the bottom of the pile that is chock full of winter fabrics – the wools, the fleeces, the corduroys.  (I not inclined to show you the pile either, as it’s not really a nice, neat pile, more like an corner that is piled and crammed and overflowing with ‘supplies’ for all my crafty endeavors that could be mistaken for a hoarding house.)  The shot I posted Friday is really not even a drop in the bucket – that was just what was speaking to me that day as far as wardrobe makeovers go.
This purple plaid has been kicking around in the stash for some time.  I think I got it at either an old SPCA rummage sale or Focus Flea Market (both of which are no longer to my great sadness.  More than half my house and wardrobe came from those two places over the years).  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I think it’s a wool fabric.  It’s woven and two layers – the plaid on one side and a solid purple on the other.  It’s a funky size too – a 35″ x 37″ square.  For years I’ve wanted to do something with it that would show off both sides, but couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer.  Until Friday.  I was playing around it, bemoaning to Edie that it just wasn’t big enough for anything fun, that I didn’t particularly want to put a seam in it, but maybe that was just what I needed to do when it hit me.
I cut a 6″ strip, hemmed the raw edges, added a very large button hole and voila:
 A fabric cowl.  Instant gratification.
And it’s reversible.  I pull one end through the button hole on the other end and it’s attached.  I’m utterly amazed at my brilliance.  Needless to say, I’m absolutely loving this.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Project No. 1

  1. Lesa says:

    I'm in agreement with Jennifer…brilliant! And, looking at my closet, I agree with you. I need to move some things out, give thought to new combinations and, perhaps, sew! But only after the Grand Girls leave in a couple of weeks. I'll be on hold, creatively, until then, counting only some serious cookie baking.

  2. SuziCate says:

    There is power in a woman who wields a needle! Don't ya' just love it! Great job! I made a dragonfly/inspirational words quilt for a Relay raffle this weekend. Today I start my online class and I think I'm going to try something whimsical with it…you know to step out of my box!

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