They don’t like the rules either.

I wanted to follow up yesterday’s post with what happened at our Girl Scout meeting yesterday.  The whole reason I continue to be a scout leader is because of the girls.  They love being Girl Scouts and that is completely and totally thanks to the experience I have created for them. Me.  Not the Girl Scout Organization, who get the credit for our name and some of the guidelines we follow, but me, myself and I.  I still do it because they ask me to do it.  And I’m a sucker like that for those girls.

So, my girls.  I do consider them mine, at least partially so, at least for a few hours a month. I knew the girls wanted to earn the Playing the Past badge because of what it looked like – pink with a purple castle.  I knew they thought that name implied they could do skits.  My girls love skits.  They do a brilliant job of them too, I might add.  When I started telling them in our meeting exactly what the girl scouts thought they needed to do the earn the badge, they didn’t even let me finish.  “Is this history class?”  “This sounds like homework.  You’re not going to make us have Girl Scout homework, are you?” “I have to build a model?”  And so on. You get the picture.  My own daughter threatened to drop out if I was going to make them play by the rules that this organization that is supposed to be all about them as girls doles out.

Needless to say, we once again threw the plan out the window and worked up our own.  The purpose of the Girl Scouts is to empower girls, “to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place”.  I’ve been told time and again by those within the organization that our troop is supposed to be girl led.  Well, my troop certainly has that.  My girls don’t do anything they don’t want to do.  I love this and even encourage this in them, even if it does sometimes mean I come home and cannot wait to have a glass of wine.  Well behaved women rarely make history after all. But as I said yesterday, shouldn’t an organization that’s all about girls actually be more tuned in to what the girls of today are like?

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