So I’ve been kicking around the idea of some lovely gratitude post in honor of Thanksgiving this week and while I can think of many things that I’m grateful for, getting it all written down and not sounding utterly cheesy and sentimental is another thing all together.

In the last month, two different friends have been diagnosed with cancer. We have at least three friends whose parents have been diagnosed within the last few months as well.   Another has been posting about the unexpected adventure her family is having while she’s on book sabbatical in Jerusalem.  These things remind us not only what’s important, it’s that we should be grateful for all the little things that make our happy little lives exactly that.

In our house, every day is a day where we are vocal with our gratitude.  Before we eat dinner, everyone at the table takes a turn sharing what they are thankful for.  Some days it’s rain, some days it’s sunshine.  For years, Edie was grateful each and every day for “Daddy coming home from Friday” regardless of the day or the last time he’d actually been away.  Some days we’re grateful to be getting over a cold, other days it’s having had an exceptionally good day, others it’s just be to sitting at the table with each other.  Some days we’re not even sitting at the table, we’re in the den, curled up on the futon, plates in our laps, with “Jeopardy” on mute while we finish saying Thanks. Someone is always grateful for “Jeopardy” on those nights.

I am thankful for everything I have – my family, our friends, our neighborhood, our house.  I’m thankful for our health, I’m thankful the car is running well this week, I’m thankful Edie is having a sleepover tonight with her bff  that she’s known her entire life who lives on the other end of our street that I’m pretty sure we made snort at dinner with our very politically incorrect tales of what it was like to go shopping at two different grocery stores Sunday in the pre-Thanksgiving madness with everyone taking their grandmother there and just parking them in the middle of an aisle and how Edie got run over by the same woman more than once while at Whole Foods.   I’m thankful that if Whole Foods is going to be the closest grocery store to our house, that it has the best price on a gallon of milk around.  I’m thankful that all of Edie’s activities but piano lessons and Saturday morning soccer games all take place at her school, two blocks up the street and that she is capable of walking herself there and back.  I’m thankful she was given an electric piano upon which she practices and I’m thankful that she puts it on the organ setting when she wants to mix it up.  Nothing makes your day more than that, I assure you.   I am thankful for my husband, who can fix just about anything, saves the world for a living, puts up with me AND is good looking to boot, even if he does turn on the most horrid country station and then walks out of the room, made better when said station plays Johnny Cash doing “Sunday Morning Coming Down”.  I’m grateful he walked out of the room to go put a movie on for the girls and when he came back in it was with a bottle of wine in hand, to pour me another glass.  I’m thankful for all of you that read my babble and tell me you like it.  Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. 

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