Snow on the Mountains.

 While the Eastern Seaboard was pounded and the nearby mountains got snow, we were spared the worst of the great storm Sandy.  Nevertheless, everything around here pretty much closed down as we had no idea what to expect.
 We hunkered down and enjoyed the quiet time with just the three us at home, nowhere to go, nothing to do.  It was much needed.  Our days tend to be pretty packed, some days I feel like all I do is go from this activity to that activity to another with some cooking thrown in the middle.  It felt so good to get a break from that.

We have been spared the worst brunt of the storm, but we have seen clouds from this system for almost a week.  The clouds in these shots, taken yesterday as I headed west of town, are still lingering from Sandy.  This morning there were still some clouds out there, but I also got a glimpse of that elusive thing called the sun peeking through as well.


It never fails to amaze me at how different the weather can be between two areas so relatively close, how we are 20 minutes from snow – you can see it from town on the surrounding mountains, and we’ve yet to have that first good hard freeze.  Nature is quite amazing and never fails to let us know we’re really not the ones in charge. 

3 thoughts on “Snow on the Mountains.

  1. Cassi Renee says:

    Amazingly, WE could see clouds from Sandy here in northern Illinois. All day, there was a cloud bank in the eastern sky, even though it was clear overhead. And our winds were gusting up to 40 mph, also from Sandy. Weird.

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