In which I finally announce winners.

Last Thursday was the announced deadline to enter my cookbook giveaway, which also happened to be my birthday.  In the midst of birthday celebrations, a house full of company here to celebrate it all weekend on top of our usual jam packed schedule and preparations for the storm of the century, I just now got around to my faithful assistant drawing names out of the fishbowl we like to use for such things.
With out further ado, the winners are:
The Vegetarian Epicure  – Tracy
Vegetarian Pleasures – Gail
The Great Vegetarian Cookbook – Gabby
Breadtime Stories  – Vikki
And the highly contested Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen cookbook lucky winner is Allison!  Which is probably highly fitting, because I seem to recall her eyeballing it many years ago in my kitchen, telling me that if I ever get rid of it, she’ll take it.  It also means I will get to visit it from time to time.
Thanks for all the entries.  I’m quite happy to report that I received two new (highly coveted) cookbooks for my birthday, so the space I cleared is filling up quickly.  Winners, please drop me an email so I can get your cookbook to you!

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