Welcome gifts that are easy peasy. Really.

Despite the fact that we are moving into the middle school years, we have plenty of friends who are still just starting this little ride we call parenthood.  I like to give handmade gifts, no matter the occasion. With the number of babies we know coming into the world lately, I haven’t had time to sew or knit something special for each babe, but I wanted something with a handmade touch.  Here’s my latest inspiration – freezer paper prints on onesies.
Gender symbols for a set of twins.
His first facial hair.
Freezer paper stencils are quick and easy to do.  You can find Freezer Paper at the grocery store.  One side is coated in plastic – so if you put an image on the non-plastic side (either draw it freehand or an image from your computer – you’ll need cut the paper to fit in your printer), cut that image out, iron it plastic side down on your fabric and it will becomes a great stencil!  I use either fabric paint or acrylic paints, whatever I can find that won’t wash out.  I let the image sit for 24 hours, remove the paper, then iron over the paint to set it.  Wash it and you are set to go. 
We know of at least 5 more babies set to arrive in the coming weeks, including another set of twins to our across the street neighbors, so there will be more where these came from!

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