Me time.

I just spent a glorious few days out at St. Michael’s.
Technically, the house I stayed in is on a cove on Edge Creek, just outside of St. Michael’s proper.

It’s an absolutely beautiful little spot.
There is no cable tv and no tv reception worth a toot. No internet access. Cell phone reception is spotty. You have to be outside for it really.
What there was was some very good wine.

Of course Caprese Salad.

After all, it’s August.  It’s in season.
We ate it daily.
There was also this completely amazing vegan pizza that we added goat cheese to one night at dinner as well as a linguine with clam sauce that I’m still thinking about.  Damn it was good.
There was some quality hammock lounge time.


And with company.

There was ice cream
and little boys covering me in their ice cream by just snuggling on up to me.
Three year old boys are among my most favorite things in the universe. 
In a moment of brilliance, I handed Ian an empty egg carton box and told him it was a ‘treasure box’.  That game lasted us for days.
There were also some amazing sunsets.

And, in the middle of a serious deluge one morning, a visitor on the dock.

Best of all was quality time with this woman.

 You really only get so many friendships like ours.  Neither one of us are overly sentimental girls so we don’t tend to sit there and declare ourselves BFF’s.  I think we were in our 40’s before we ever really used that the term ‘best friend’ anywhere near each other, despite the fact that we were fairly inseparable throughout most of our college careers, especially Saturday nights.  We had a standing Saturday night date for years. We just hung out well together, with similar habits of reading, smoking, drinking, music and the ability to eat pizza for days on end.  Some of those habits have changed, but not all of them, which is why we still hang out together well for days on end.  And yes, had pizza multiple nights for dinner.
So, between being around her and being completely unplugged and absolutely lazy all week, I feel completely rejuvenated, although I’m not sure I want to fully re-enter the world.  We pick Edie up from camp tomorrow and then head out to the Outer Banks for a few days before I have to completely rejoin civilization.   Thank god, because I already know that first week of school is going to be a doozy.  Oh summer, how I hate to quit you.

2 thoughts on “Me time.

  1. Lesa says:

    How wonderful to share time with a great friend! Refreshing, in the best way. And the Outer Banks…one of my favorite places in the whole world. We honey-mooned there ages ago and I hope the beaches are still almost deserted. Have a marvelous time!

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