Sunday morning, we dropped our girl off at Camp Lachlan for the next three weeks. It’s an all girls camp outside of Rockbridge Baths, which is outside of Lexington.  It’s winding country roads once you get just a few hundred yards away from I-81 to get there and it’s just absolutely beautiful.
The part of me that has spent the last few weeks being full time stay at home mom is a little relieved to have a staycation from my ‘job’.  But part of me misses my buddy.  My schedule is already pretty loosey goosey during the summer with no big yellow angel coming every day, no regularly scheduled activities like soccer or girl scouts or piano to keep me (us) straight.  We have spent the last few weeks just hanging and losing track of exactly what day it is. Sleeping in, hanging out at the pool until time to go home and figure out what’s for dinner, then sitting up late watching movies….summertime and the living is easy around here. Not having a kid to be responsible for means I get even looser with it, if that’s possible.  Popcorn & apples, nachos & beer, wine & cheese are already regularly served dinners around here, only now we eat them while watching “Game of Thrones” episodes back to back.
We had a “Game of Thrones” marathon the day we dropped her off at camp. I have no idea what we’re gonna do when we finish the whole series off, which at this rate, will probably be by the weekend, at the latest. 
I’m still trying to sort out exactly how I’m going to be spending my three weeks free from motherhood other than catching up on TV.  There are things to do around the house for sure. I might actually clean. Maybe paint. Maybe some sewing. Definitely pickling some more peaches. I’m teaching a canning class this Saturday (it’s sold out, but my pickling class next month still has some open spots). A few roadtrips, some with my hubby, some all by myself. I have some meetings set up in regards to some upcoming projects I have lined up. Mostly, I’m going to savor the alone time. Today, for instance, Pat left early for work, and he’ll be home late.  I’d have tagged along, but I had to go to the dentist this afternoon.  Ugh.  I really hate going to the dentist. But I do get a whole day home alone. 
Speaking of my husband’s job, here’s a great article about him from the Lynchburg paper.  It’s hard to describe what his job as a Riverkeeper entails, but I think the piece did nice work of it.  Gives you much better idea of what he does than my answer of calling him “The old man of the river”. 

Oh,  Lesli is doing a painting giveaway.  She’s an amazing artist with a great eye for color and design and her blog is full of decorating ideas and DIY projects.  If you haven’t seen her blog before, definitely go check it out.  Maybe one of the things I do with all my free time is actually get out to her place and meet her in person.  I do need to head out that way for peaches soon….

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