After years of babbling about it, we finally have chickens.
We have been working with a neighbor, fixing up the old coop behind his house. We ordered an assortment of rainbow layers from Murray McMurray and they arrived in yesterday’s mail.

Driving home with them in my car from the post office where I had to retrieve them, they were chirping along to the music.

Brian found someone to split an order of 25 with, which is the minimum order.  We wanted pretty chickens AND pretty eggs, but we only have room for about a dozen hens.
 It’s been a few years since we’ve had a flock of chickens in the neighborhood and we’ve missed the sound of their clucking.  With none of us on this side of the street having dogs or cats right now, we needed a new animal or twelve, so chickens it was.

They are an awful lot of cute right now.
They are installed in Brian’s basement for the time being, where everyone has been wandering in & out, checking on the chicks.  We won’t know exactly what breeds we have until they grow some more, but we do know we have quite a mix.  Lots of little puffballs on their heads, lots of different colors.
One of the things I love about our neighborhood is our sense of community.  Brian’s last flock wandered through all our yards and so it made sense that we pitch in to help out with a new one. We swap plants and produce from our gardens, why not share chickens too?  As I sit here typing this, I hear the kids across the street talking about going down to see the chicks.  There are new chicks on Greenleaf and somehow, all is right with our little world.  As it should be.

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