Crazy Busy.

There are number of things I want to blog about right now. 
There are also a number of things going on that have me completely distracted.
There are also only so many hours in the day,so many days in the week.
It’s the end of school year, so I only have 3 days of lazing around this house by myself left.  Not that I have alot of those anyway, with a husband who’s office is based out of the same house, but we do have the house to ourselves all day, with no not-so-little-anymore feet in & out all day.  That’s about to change for the next few months.
There are activities galore I’m expected to attend.  Piano recitals, chorus concerts, field day, moving up ceremonies, there are so many end of the year celebrations for this, that and the other I can barely keep them all straight.  I’m organizing the class picnic for the 5th and final year in a row.  
My dear sweet baby girl is off to middle school.  How did that happen?
I finally made it out strawberry picking.  I really need to remember to leave time for that earlier in the season.  I picked 20 pounds, froze some whole for the smoothies all winter, made strawberry butter and a strawberry rhubarb crisp.  Up next, blueberries.

I also helped organize the second Cville Swap this past Sunday, which you can read about here.  I scored some more raspberry bushes, so I’ll definitely have a nice patch come next year. 
Turns out Boots, our corn snake, is a girl.  And she’s laid eggs. 
Stay tuned to see what hatches.
I took some time to organize the recipes I’ve posted over the years and created a page for recipes with a link across the top of this blog.  Some of them are original.  Some of them are just links to other recipes on other blogs and websites.  You’ll have to skim through the whole post to find them, but they are in there.  It’s been asked if I will do the same for my wine columns and I might, I just need to get around to it. I can only do so much procrastinating right now.
There’s lots of other behind the scenes stuff going on as well.  Firming up summer schedules.  Edie’s only doing one week of day camp in addition to three weeks at away camp.  She hasn’t had this much time home with us since she was in preschool.  I’m a little nervous about that. We have our city pool passes, we have some great roadtrips planned to the beach, to the lake and to the beach again.  I’ve got some great projects I’m working on right now that I’m super excited about that will keep June pretty busy for me. 
And the chickens arrive the week of June17.
I guess that means we need to finish the roof of the chicken house.
I’m really looking forward to sleeping in next week and not having to have anyone in bed at a decent hour for the next 10 weeks.  Not that she’s been to bed at a decent hour in a month, but at least I won’t have to pry her out of bed in the morning for awhile….

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