I Got A New Toy.

Remember that Fly Fishing and Wine Festival my better half was working last month, that Edie & I at the last minute decided to swing by and visit him?  The one that resulted in us going to the dinner being held at the Country Club, where I was thanked for being such a supportive wife while being fed a dinner of prime rib and chocolate cake that someone else cooked and cleaned up?  Well, I had entered a raffle while I was there and last week recieved an email telling me I had won.

A new fishing pole.
Okay, not a pole.  A rod and reel combo, from the nice fellows at Angler’s Lane down in Lynchburg.  It’s a TFO NXT combo that came with a nice carrying case.  It breaks down into 4 pieces, which means it fits nicely in a suitcase. Pat was down there for meetings yesterday and swung by and picked it up for me, to save them from having to ship it.
Edie, who had also entered the raffle, is slightly beside herself about this.
“You don’t fish.”
“Well, I haven’t had a new fishing pole since I was about your age.”
“It’s not a pole, it’s a rod.  You don’t fish.”
“Well, maybe I’ll start.  You know, try to share one of Daddy’s interests with him.”
“You don’t fish.”
And she storms off.
Not that she fishes all that much.  I guess maybe if she had a rod that wasn’t the pink Barbie one her father bought her when she was a toddler, she might fish more.  Although there is an older neighborhood boy who loves using the Barbie rod, because he always catches a slew of fish with it.  But she does not care about this fact, she think she deserves the new rod because she has never seen me fish.
I told her I’m sure she’ll get to use it, but she’s still pouting about the whole thing.  Pat of course, is thrilled that I’m expressing an interest in his favorite hobby.  I think he also thinks he’ll get some use out of the new rod too.  He brought it home, put it together and tried it out.

 It is apparently the nicest rod and reel in the entire family now, which has definitely not helped with a certain someone pouting that they did not win.  Never mind it’s a 9′ rod that she had a hard time maneuvering in the yard last night.  It’s the principle of the matter. 

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