Here’s the thing.

I find I write blog posts while I’m doing other things, mostly cooking, although it’s a good time killer when you are waiting on the floor to dry after mopping or babysitting the printer (because no matter what, my printer demands I sit next to it whenever I print ANYTHING or it will somehow screw up, then becoming an hour long study in frustration as to what the heck is going on with that thing and just when I am about to go all Office Space on it, it suddenly starts working again) or to avoid doing things, like cleaning the house or laundry.  The batteries on my camera died last weekend, and I’ve been too lazy to run out to get new ones, so everything I’ve thought about blogging, like uhm, the latest scarves I’ve knitted, or what’s happening in my garden right now, has required me to run out and get camera batteries to either capture the moment or move the pictures from my camera to my computer.  And since I generally have something on the stove at the moment I’m inspired, or, it’s late at night,  I’m waiting for the big yellow angel to swing by and drop miss thing off, there’s always a reason to not drop everything and run right out.

What’s particularly sad about this is that just today, I drove not just right past the K-mart, but cut through the parking lot TWICE on my way elsewhere.  Sadder yet, I have driven by it several times this week, as it’s right next to my current frenimy, Whole Foods, which I go to at least 3 times a week, because you know, they need me to.  (Sort of like how Eloise was needed to oversee so many events at The Plaza.) Also, I have decided it’s the closest grocery store to my house, other than Reid’s, which I consider more a convenience store/butcher shop.   When one has X number of errands to complete in X amount of time, I don’t always feel like adding one. more. stop.  I am lazy like that.   So, I drive through the Kmart parking lot without stopping. 

It’s not like I’ve been that lazy all around – I’ve been cooking up some tasty morsels, sneaking in a little bit of gardening here & there despite the fact that it’s technically still winter and we got a bunch of snow while we were out of town last weekend and yes, mopping floors and doing laundry.  I moved the vacuum cleaner yesterday – AND turned it on.  Here’s a small confession – our vacuum really doesn’t have a good home that’s out of sight.  We are slightly closet challenged here, so I use my mother’s old trick of just leaving it lying out in the middle of a room, so it always appears as if I am in process of cleaning.  Of course, when it sits in that spot for 2 weeks right by the front door, it gets obvious that I’m not actually cleaning, so sometimes I just move it from room to room.  Sometimes, in that process, it actually will get plugged in, turned on and used.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Honestly, no matter how much I vacuum or not, there is always glitter all over my floor.  I think little girls off-gas it.  Seriously.  It is all over my house, even in my car.  My house breeds glitter dust.

I almost made time to grab batteries yesterday so I could take pictures of my Girl Scouts doing a craft project, but then got nervous that if I was prepared to capture moments, they’d be their usually needy selves when it comes to crafts.  Over the years I’ve learned that what the Girl Scouts say are age appropriate crafts turn out to be anything but.  Or, if they are age appropriate, it’s with a one on one adult to child ratio.  We’ve had some epic craft fail and I blame the Girl Scout Handbook for each one. It also taught me the lesson the hard way to run through every project ahead of time, especially the ones that look easy, because they are the ones that get you the most.  Yesterday was different though – I don’t know if it’s because my girls have gotten big enough to do things on their own or if it’s because the project was fairly easy (Paper Beads), but they did an outstanding job yesterday.  I probably have the only Girl Scout troop out there that avoids craft projects – honestly, I hate the kids making stuff to just bring home and clutter up the house more, just for the sake of making something.  I don’t want that stuff in my house, so I’m not going to do it.  We also don’t sell cookies.  We are sort of a slacker Girl Scout troop, but it works for us.   I make all the parents take turns helping, so we are all in agreement on how things go.  If anyone wants to see something done, then they get to be the ones to make it happen.  I feel that’s very democratic, yes?

In the immortal words of Scarlett O’ Hara, Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll find some time to swing by and get me some camera batteries.  You know, in between all my other activities.  ‘Til then…..

One thought on “Here’s the thing.

  1. Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) says:

    I find that I mentally blog when I'm running and walking. Naturally, this is always a time when writing down my fabulous ideas is not possible, so by the time I get home, said ideas have dissipated into the ether.

    I keep an ongoing Target list for just such sundries as batteries and then trek up there once or twice a month. Inevitably, I get home and all my purchases unloaded and put away, only to discover that the girls are out of shampoo and dental floss.

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