Happy Sights.

Things in my back yard that are currently making me happy:
My purple Hellebore.
It’s going to be gangbusters this year.
It was really hard to get a shot of all the blooms in a close up.  
I’m just not up to the task.
It took 3 years for it to bloom after I planted it.  I was close to digging it up and moving it.
Which probably would have been the kiss of death.
So glad I found some patience for it.
Patience is one of those over-rated virtues that I don’t really have.

My ‘neighbor’ hellebore is putting out some blooms too.
I got it at a neighborhood plant swap hosted by The Barns down the street.  
I love walking through my garden and seeing all the plants from friends and family.
When they shoot up out of the ground and then bloom, it’s like a little ‘hello’.
Yesterday afternoon, I looked out my back door and saw the empty red recycling bins going up the hill on Rose Hill.  As I walked up the road yesterday, the trend of red recycling bins continued up around the bend.
As we have green ones, I know it’s not a uniform thing, and maybe they are out there every Thursday and I just now noticed.  Either way, something about it made me really happy.  At one point the sun seemed to make them all glow – little spots of glowing color in the otherwise drab winter landscape on a spring like day.

2 thoughts on “Happy Sights.

  1. Lesa says:

    I'm admiring your hellebores from afar too. Our area is too hot for them, but I remember them from NC. Gorgeous! And fancy your noticing the glowing light through red recycling bins, proving virtually everything has its charm, don't you think?

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