January is not quiet here. Not at all.

While that first week in January seems like an abrupt change from the quiet pace of the week before, it’s also the week you realize that you haven’t done much of anything for oh, the better part of a month, that wasn’t holiday related. At some point in that week, I start to remember that the other two people that live in my house have birthdays this month, although at that point, they feel like they are at the end of the month and still so far away, despite the fact that at least one of the birthday people is highly bothered you haven’t done a thing about her birthday party yet.

Which leads me to the second week in January, when I sort of have an ‘Oh Shit’ moment and realize those birthdays are NEXT WEEK and I really need to get my act together.  I tend to approach their birthday week the way I do Christmas, with a menu & baking plan – after all, there are cupcakes to be had for her class, something for her actual birthday dinner, something for the party she insists we have in her honor and although he says he doesn’t need anything, something for Pat.  Edie came home from the hospital on his birthday and for the first few years of her life, I’d point to her as his gift, stick a candle in what was usually the last piece of her cake and call it a day.  Really, I need a plan, otherwise the week just spins out of my control and Pat’s birthday gets overlooked. Again.  Which is so not fair to him.

This year, they are both having milestone birthdays (She’s 10!! and he’s 10 years older!) and after all those years of neglecting Pat’s birthday, I want to do something to celebrate him.  My sisters & I have birthdays the same week and my mother was able to pull off 3 celebrations in one week, every year, not to mention an actual party for at least one, if not two of us on top of that.  Surely I can do two birthdays in a week, yes?   I think what gets me is that it’s just after the holidays and I’m ready to give up desserts and eat rice & beans for a few weeks and curl up with a pile of books and watch lots of bad movies, while these two birthdays smack dab in the middle of January means the party keeps on rolling….

And it’s not like I’m just working on birthday celebrations.  Putting things off the month of December into January means I also spent the week meeting with people and beginning the process of taking the business to the next level, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. I have my next wine column due in a few days and while I have topic in mind, I have a slew of research to do, not to mention writing the thing.   I had volunteered to chair Bingo Night at school for the PTO back in November, thinking, oh, it’s not until January.  Which turns out, is this month.  The one with all the birthdays.  At one point Pat looked at me and asked what I was thinking when I took that on.  I’m not sure.  One of these days, “January” will click with me as actually very busy.

I think this is why I don’t do resolutions – because January is just as crazy as December is for me and after the lull of the first week, when I think I can just settle into winter coziness comes the realization that I need to continue to keep it in high gear for just a few more weeks. 

I’m really looking forward to February.

7 thoughts on “January is not quiet here. Not at all.

  1. Lesa says:

    I know what you mean about busy. We've been cleaning the entire house after putting away the holiday stuff. And now I'm doing Valentine things so I won't go crazy during Feb when our guests arrive from England. The little girls wanted us to leave up one of our Christmas trees, but I changed it to a Valentine tree as a surprise. Well, the tree is up, but it's not decorated yet. I haven't found the pink sock monkey I'd like to use for the top. I should have bought one when I saw it! The girls also would like us to give a white elephant party while they're here. Then there are the January birthdays and mine in Feb. Not to mention making Valentine's, You're right! January is busy!

    Oh, we have a “special number” birthday coming up this summer for my husband. He doesn't know it but we're going to have a moustache party. He's worn a moustache for years. Everyone will wear a moustache, either one they find or grow on their own, or little ones on sticks or as sticky attachments. I'll have a bunch of them made in advance. I think a moustache will look rather well on me! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Lesa says:

    I forgot to say thanks for stopping by! And I wanted to mention that we bought that claw-foot tub from an old Florida farmer, which is why we know the date of manufacture. We bought it right out of the field where he was using it to water his cattle!

  3. Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) says:

    September is the same for us — my husband's birthday, both our girls, and our wedding anniversary, plus the birthdays of a dozen friends and family. Throw in the start of the school year and soccer and it's a bit crazy. Luckily for us, September is the leading edge of our busy season (fall through holidays) and not the end of it, so I have the summer to prepare. Luckily, the girls' birthday parties are not nearly as involved as they used to be, which is a huge improvement over the years when I spent weeks crafting party decorations and seeking out treats for the goody bags.

  4. Becky says:

    I throw the lamest kid parties EVER. I hate games, goody bags are an afterthought and I haven't done decorations since the great Barbie party years ago when I managed to scoop up some items on clearance. Generally, the adults end up drinking in one area while the kids destroy some other area of the house. Weather permitting, we send them outside. Even when the weather doesn't permit, they end up outside. Last year it was in the teens and they were in creek. They had fun though.

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