Something borrowed.

I often find that when people share recipes with me, unless I’ve actually eaten the dish before, I have a tendancy to file them away and forget about them.  Lend me the cookbook with your own notes in it though?  Well, I might try it.

The recipe in question was “Jimmy Ray’s Butternut Poblano Soup”.  Among the spices used were both chili powder and cinnamon, so right there I was intrigued.  For the longest time I was pretty sure that cinnamon only went in my morning oatmeal or apple pie.  Anything else was just weird.  And then I discovered Mollie Katzen, who is my hands down favorite cookbook author, and some of her interesting uses of cinnamon.  I still am not brave enough to throw it anything on my own, but any recipe that calls for it, I’m game.

See?  It must be good.

The cookbook is from a resturant in Athens, Georgia, by the name of The Grit.  The recipe is a vegan one, and while I’ve got nothing against vegan, I wasn’t in the mood to go to the store for soymilk.  So I used real dairy in the form of milk & butter, instead of soy versions.  I think cream would be outstanding in this soup, but I was fresh out.  I may actually be slightly over cream at this point in my life, having just gotten through the holiday season, heavy on the cream.   There was still a nice richness to the soup, even with skim milk, but that may have been the smidgen of chicken broth I used, as I was also fresh out of vegetable broth.  (I realize that those changes took this lovely soup about as far away from vegan as possible and honestly, I don’t mind vegan, we do eat that way at times, but I’m also the girl who fries her tofu in bacon fat.)

I made a few other changes to the recipe, mostly to fit what I had on hand.  So, instead of buying and roasting poblanos, I just pulled some of the anaheim peppers I grew, roasted, chopped and froze last summer out of the freezer.  Fresh herbs were used for the parsley and rosemary, in place of dried, which is what the recipe called for.  I may have used too much parsley – I went out and cut some from the garden as it was getting dark and I didn’t realize until I started chopping how much I had.  Oh well.  There are worse things than too much parsley in your soup.  It may have covered up for the fact that I didn’t take the seeds out of my hot peppers, as the recipe called for and they ended up in there as well.  While I’m confessing all the changes I made, I’ll go ahead and say that when I froze the chopped peppers, I filled jars, so there was no measuring ‘one to two’ peppers.  I just eyeballed it and threw in what I felt was a good amount.

It was….delicious.  It had some heat from the peppers, but not too much, because Edie ate it without complaining. She commented on the ‘interesting’ spice mix.  She thought perhaps I had thrown ginger in there and was surprised to learn it was cinnamon.  As this isn’t my recipe, I’m not going to post it, although if you do a google search, you are likely to find it.  I haven’t decided if I need this cookbook yet or not, although Pat’s already waived the ‘no net gain’ of books rule on this one.  Seems Dahlia raved about it to the point where he was sold on it before he even tasted anything out of it.  That’s pretty big. Although, since he got me “The Way to Cook” for Christmas, I’m not sure how much he holds to that rule.  He did let slip though, that since he got me a Kindle, he’s wondering how many books we can get rid of. Hmm. 

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