Because I have so many other things to do.

‘Tis the season and while I suppose I should be busying myself with getting ready for the upcoming holidays, I instead chose to take time to finish new potholders I had started a few weeks back.  To be fair, I was trying to make a path to the fabric stash in order to make gifts when I suddenly decided I needed to finish this project first.  The ones I have are so worn out that I might as well just use my bare hands when pulling anything out of the oven these days, so I really should have done myself a favor and just finished them when I started them.  Darn you girlfriends stopping by for a quick glass of wine!  (Actually, you’re welcome anytime.  I love a distraction.)
All materials are from the stash – a cow print cotton on one side, black linen on the back.  I like for my kitchen things to be black & white with little hints of color, so these fit the bill perfectly.
I machine quilted a thick layer of fleece to the back of the cow print, sewing around the edges of the black marks.  I added another layer of fleece when I sewed the black linen on and some red gingham ribbon and called it a day.  The cow print I picked up as a remnant probably at Joann’s, and the linen is leftover from a pair of pants I made myself a few summers ago.  It’s quite thick and durable.  I suspect it will hold up much better than the cowprint. I was a little fast & loose with the whole quilting thing, not really taking the time to ensure that all was flat and smooth and properly laid out.  (This is what my Aunt Loretta would call a typical Becky job.).  They faded in the laundry, because no, I didn’t wash the fabric beforehand.  (I’m really a lazy sewer, in case you hadn’t figured that out by now.)  I’m happy with the way they turned out though, because they are still pretty cute and in better working shape than the last pair. 
Now I suppose I can get back to working on gifts.  Or not, as I seem to recall some pants of Pat’s that need to be hemmed…..

One thought on “Because I have so many other things to do.

  1. SuziCate says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. So glad I popped over. Thanks for the idea of making pot holders. I need some new ones and I have a huge fabric stash waiting for me to dig through! I grew up just outside of C'ville but now live at the beach. I still go back quite often as I have many relatives in the area.

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